My First Blog


This is my first blog, this shall be interesting. It is now 5:51 pm and I have been working to get my web page set up and finished, or half finished, so I am able to publish it. Why have I created this web page? you are probably asking yourself. Because I can…

For now I am just going to talk about news articles. As you will learn I love to read up on random news articles online. I will often be having a conversation and you will hear me say “I was reading this news article…,” or “I read this news article…”

The first thing that caught my attention was this:
BANK MAKES HUGE MISTAKE – At first with everything going on as it is, your first thought is, they gambled all your money and now you are poor and those rich bastards are richer…Not quite. Apparently the bank somehow “accidentally” put 10 MILLION dollars in a couples account, after they asked for a 10 THOUSAND dollar loan! After the couple received the money they fled the country. I wonder how long they will last until they are caught and have to pay it all back!

AMERICAN IDOLOkay, so I’m not a huge fan of American Idol, you wont see me watching it that often. Hardly ever actually. But as my understanding, each person is either kept, or voted off BASED ON THE VOTES THAT PEOPLE MAKE. Now I’m confused why they advertised this Adam Lambert guy so hardcore, the network could have easily just rigged it and made him win to make everyone happy, but I saw this “Biggest upset in idol history,” and “America gets it wrong.” ……Wtf? So AMERICA voted to make Kris Allen the American Idol….But AMERICA got it wrong and AMERICA is upset???…..I would say that they are dumb asses, but I clearly don’t understand what’s going on so perhaps I’m the dumb ass.

Cute Endangered Baby AnimalsI just thought this was funny because everybody is always trying to promote save the whales, save the endangered species and most of the time you think yeah yeah and you over look it. BUT NOW! They have Cute endangered baby animals. I dunno about you but that instantly caught my attention. Even if you don’t care about endangered animals, you care about the Cute endangered baby ones!

For now, that is all that seems somewhat interesting to mention.

Thanks for reading



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