Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Great Glass Elevator

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory & Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl

Growing up I had always watched the old school version of this movie on tv so I went into the book with an image and certain expectations. In this case I much prefer the original movie (don’t get me started on the remake) Of course in the book there are the odd tid bit you did not get from the movie, but then there were the mass of other bits of information you wish you didn’t know. It was if they started writing the book and had a good copy but continued to write and write and create more and more shit that you just did not need. Going to space to fight blobs? Really…? You went there…
Over all they were alright books. They are a classic but I’m on the fence for this one. If you enjoyed the movie and the storyline and want to check it out, by all means. But this is not a book that I will tell you that you need to run out and buy. It’s the book you wait until it goes on sale and then you just decide to borrow it from someone else.


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