StarDust by Neil Gaiman

Depending on which copy of the book you buy may change your perspective on this book. My copy is a soft cover, horribly boring and the description on the back only gives you a small insight into how good this book actually is! I enjoyed this book immensely and I completely recommend it. As you will learn, I love fantasy books, and it’s nice to see imaginative new fiction. They have recently released the movie for this book which I also Highly Recommend. It is just as good as the book, of course the book gives you a better understanding, but in the movie you also get to see how they display things you might not have imagined or how you thought of differently.
As this is my first review, I have no scoring system in place and Im not sure if I will be adapting any cheesy popcorn kernel point system. If your into fiction, this book will not disappoint.


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