The Complete Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault

The Complete Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault

I bought this book because I had never actually sat and read any original fairy tale stories. I have only seen the ones in kids movies and in Disney. Growing up you hear about them but there are so many different versions. I was unaware of how gruesome most of the stories are. The book includes: The Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, Bluebeard, Puss-in-Boots, The Fairies, Cinderella, Tufty Ricky, Hop o’ My Thumb, Patient Griselda, Donkeyskin, The Foolish Wishes, and a section about the stories and their origins. Almost every story ends in death. And some of them stray so far from the version you heard as a child. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this book. I only bought it because I wanted the original (or as close to it) versions of childhood stories, and even after I was not satisfied. I much prefer the vamped up Happily Ever After versions.


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