The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz by L.Frank Baum

The Wizard of Oz is a well known story, but how well do you really know the original!???
When your sitting and thinking back to scene from the movie, you imagine things like Dorothy and the characters in the black and white world that are brought into the colored world to represent other characters. Those extras do not exist. When she lands in Oz, she meets very few munchkins. She meets the witch of the North which you do not see in the movie. It is not until the very very end of the book that you meet Glinda. The good witch in the movie. And the ruby slippers???? Correction… In the book, they are silver. There are strange things like meeting mice and the queen mouse in the field of poppies. Having to wear spectacles that are locked on your head in the emerald city because everything is actually white inside and not green. A strange cap that commands the flying monkeys. You go into an unnecessary chapter where the lion kills a giant spider and becomes king of the forest. A random hill with people who’s head pop up and hit you so you can’t get over a hill….Oh… and A world made of china. A china wall… and little tiny people made of china. These add on’s were a complete waste of time and totally put a damper on the story. In the end. The scarecrow becomes the ruler of the Emerald city. The tin man rules over the Winkies that were enslaved by the wicked witch of the west. The Lion is the king of the forest, and Dorothy goes back to Kansas, the end.
I definitely recommend that you watch the movie with Judy Garland and forget the book entirely!


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