Twilight Series

Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer

I bet you were all just waiting for me to come to this. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. The Twilight Series consists of 4 books. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.
As I’m sure most of you already know…AMAZING. Twilight is a great book. Everybody loves vampires, but sexy vampires who say and do everything you could wish and you fall in love with them, need I say more. It’s a book made for every teenage girl’s heart in mind. And when I say this, it may have been the intend, but you know you all fucking loved it and fell head over heads. I do have negatives to speak about in the series.

So we begin with Bella, and we fall in love with her, and Edward comes into the picture and he is just as perfect. You meet the rest of the “family” and they are interesting and all have stories behind them. As we progress into New Moon and Eclipse. I have to admit that I was so into the books and could not put them down that I read them in a matter of a few days and I could not tell you where New Moon ends and where Eclipse begins. The story gets so much deeper and more interesting and I loved it. Negatives… We all fucking hated Edward to death when he left Bella and every page you turned, you quickly scanned both sides just to see his name and hope that he comes back. When he finally does come back we are elated, but then there is the unfortunate and unspeakable love Bella has for Jacob. I know many of you have different opinions but BELLA WAS MEANT FOR EDWARD, So stop fucking around with Jacob and get back with Edward. When we get into Breaking Dawn, the whole book leads up to a huge battle. Vampires of every culture and origin come into the story, and some have different and cool powers. So excited for that right??? Wrong… There is no battle. WHAT! Did I just read that whole book for this! Yup, you did. No battle…. whatever. Anyway I still loved the books. And then we move onto the whole Bella getting pregnant thing… you think she’s gonna die but then she has a vampire baby and turns into a vampire and the baby grows so on and so on. The point you all want me to touch on is the name of this child….Renesmee…. for Bella’s mom Renee and Edwards “mom” Esmee. Sigh… They even go as far as calling it Nessie… Anyway, Great series. Well worth the read to EVERYBODY. 

I have read the first chapter or so of the book Midnight Sun. It is Twilight from the perspective of Edward. The book was leaked and now there are no plans of releasing it. Stephanie Meyer plans to take a break until people have “forgotten” about it, then she will consider to pick it up again. Naturally, we will all dash to get a copy of it. But Im not sure if I will like the book more from Edward, or Bella’s point of view. I guess we shall see.


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