Blog The Thrice


I was going to leave the exciting news for last but since there is already a picture… I’ve gotten fish!! The lower one is on a short table surrounded by purple and silver accessories. It has purple and white beads and rocks and a twisted vase. The fish inside is a white beta with blue fins. The whiteness of the body and the lower half being blue reminds me of a mermaid. Inside the giant martini glass there are two fish. A tiger chiclid, which for the time being is nameless (as well as the beta) because I just set them up like 5 minutes ago. However the last fish in the martini glass is named Patrick Dempsey, because the type of fish is a Jack Dempsey. 
It was interesting picking out the fish because there was a tank of grey ones and 1 black one and of course I wanted the black one. SO! The girl had to fish around and take out all the plants and all the rocks to try and find the fish. HE DISAPPEARED. I thought maybe he was stuck in the plants or crushed under the rock. So we’re like well….maybe it was the plants that made him look black. So I picked a lower and easier tank with the same type of fish but most of them were black. WELLL!!! Apparently this fish goes from black with blue specs to silver/grey when it is under stress!! Hahaha It was a fun time. The air system was pretty loud and the bubbles were pretty aggressive but my friend Jamie fixed it and now its super quiet and perfect bubbles. Everything turned out great!!

Now as I like to also talk about news articles, I will stop wasting time and get straight to the point!
Holy Facebook, Benedict!!

I think the favorite thing that has caught my eye today, and your going to love this, you can now have THE POPE on your facebook. They have launched the Pope2You website where your able to send virtual post cards with pics of da pope himself. There’s also applications for your iphone or ipod. These applications enable you to few videos and audio news on the popes speeches and watch his travels around the world. It also offers information on other catholic events. Earlier this year the pope had even got his own youtube channel! It’s the churches way to be hip and spread the word. That’s right. Your internet connection and those smutty web sites you visit have just been blessed.

I Heart NY in Iraq

So apparently some U.S. soldiers were attacked by the Taliban. It must have been early in the morning because this soldier jumped out of bed and had no time to put on any bands! I would like to describe it as much as I can but I have to post it for you to see!

Naturally, they are still talking about American Idol. Although I did blog about it in my first blog. I’m sorry to say that although it has only been a few days, I have already highly lost interest and care not to blog anymore about it. Sorry

Hopefully the world and my life continue to have more small adventures for me to report.

What adventures you say? I made a fish tank from scratch, What the hell did you do today?



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