Blog Four

Blog Four is a very sad day. I regret to inform you that my very cool amazing tiger fish has died. One whole day later. He decided to take his life after only a few short hours, rocketing out of the fish bowl, only to shrivel up and die.
R.I.P Nameless fishy.

I Think I Just Poo’ed In Your Grocery Bag

With the world trying to turn to green products, how many of you have switched to reusable grocery bags? Throw it in your trunk, grab it when you go for groceries and then when your done toss it aside until you need it next. Imagine this….You buy a thing of beef or meat from the grocery store and put it in your reusable bag until you get home. Then when you are done, you toss it in your car or trunk. Your car sits in the sun all day and heats up over a few days, and after using those same bags for more groceries, you find that the meat juices and blood had leaked and soaked into that same bag.
A study found that a high percentage of reusable bags had some level of bacteria. Everything from mould, to forms of coliform and even, some how, a type of fecal intestinal bacteria.
So your doing mother nature a favor, but at what cost to your health???

Since we are on the topic. I would just like to bring up the discussion of finding reusable resources and what we are doing to “save our planet”…. In my opinion…. F- all. And I think it is so funny that the solutions we are looking for could easily be made, IF WE WERE ACTUALLY TRYING TO MAKE THEM.
For example. Your car….every car… every mechanical device that runs off oil. Solution – Find a different source of fuel that does not give off the same harmful side effects. So what do we do… we put all of our money and resources and man hours into MAKING A CAR THAT RUNS OFF OIL…. Just a very tiny percent less of it. A little bit helps I suppose, but not when that small percentage of the world you just saved is destroyed by every other percent who cant afford to by that fuel efficient car.
Anyway, to the point of my rant, isn’t it so disgustingly clear that the only reason there ISN’T an alternate fuel source is because the oil companies would not allow that. Just as the power companies would not allow a different resource to take away from their profits, or any other thing you can think about.
So in reality. Try all you want. You will not save the world, and ultimately, we are all doomed.

So this is a question I want you to ask yourself.
Are you happy?
If not….Move. Haha Thankfully according to a new study, we don’t have to. They found that these ten places had the happiest people who were content with their lives. Ranking from 10 to 1 there is: Belgium, Norway, New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland and number 1, Denmark. This study is based on how happy they are now, how happy they are with their future, and the gross domestic product.


Apparently 11 people were killed after a stampede at a world music festival, the majority being mothers and children.
A fence was broken down causing a panic as people from multiple concerts were trying to leave. Now your probably wondering which amazing band caused such a stir. Stevie Wonder was there…..but it wasn’t her… And Kylie Minogue…..nope….keep guessing…. It was some random person native to the Moroccan home where the concert took place.
That would be like a stampede over a Canadian Idol…. Now if I could only remember at least one of their names for reference………. Oh well…

Back to reality. Stay tuned to my movie review page, tonight I will be going to the new Terminator movie. I had never seen the movies growing up, nor did I care to, but upon request of a friend I had watched them. The first one was too oldschool for me to appreciate. The second was partially better, and the third was more bearable because of it was more recent. I’m not overly intrigued by the series so my review will be unbiased!

P.s. People living upstairs from me…. I hate you.


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