Blog Five


Sleep was designed by the devil. You either get too much or too little, and finding a proper sleep schedule is hard to achieve. I woke up as if I was going to work to get my body back in to the groove. Unfortunately that didn’t last very long. I woke up at 7, only to press the snooze button about 3 times and then change the alarm to 8. When it finally did go off at 8am, I dragged my butt out of bed. I decided to keep myself busy by making breakfast and snacks and watching tv. Everything was going well until I picked up a book and began to relax into the couch. Lower and lower until finally I decided to rest my eyes and my head on the pillow. Then I gave in entirely, and even moved to my bed (which is the most comfortable bed in the world I might add) and drifted off to sleep for about 2-3hrs. So that was a completely failed attempt. Perhaps day number two will be more successful. (doubtful)


Passing down traditions and beliefs to your children and then to their children and so on seems to be a natural thing in families. Everybody believes different things and we may not always agree, but everybody has that right…right?
How far does that right go though? Would your religion teach your children to hate other religions? Or would your country teach you to hate other countries. Things like this happen every day but yet it seems to be an acceptable thing. So who is to say when you have crossed the line. A couple in Winnipeg believe they were in the right when they made their daughter watch white supremacist movies, draw swastika’s on her body as well as other supremacist symbols and phrases. She was also taught that blacks and other minorities should die. Naturally, the girl and another sibling were taken from the home. The courts are trying to go with the case that teaching such behavior to children is a form of abuse.
Now we all read what I just wrote and racism is bad and that these people don’t deserve to die and that what the parents did was wrong. However….Was it really that wrong of them? Many religious families teach their children that certain peoples beliefs and lifestyles are wrong, even to the point that they are not considered to be normal human beings. 
So part of me wants to say that the courts were right in doing so, because the world doesn’t need more hate. But I’m going to leave this topic, pointing my finger, shamefully, directly at religion.


I suppose part of me was just waiting for this to come up. I will try to be nice… but I can’t promise anything. Sure he’s been super successful since going solo and has made some pretty good songs/duets. But I have to say this….Justin Timberlake is ugly as butt. I recently came upon an ad promoting geek chic and how it is apparently back. First of all, I’m not sure when it started to be here and when it decided to leave, and second….this is not the person to be promoting anything of the like. For years I have seen people try to do the whole geek chic thing. The number one thing they are pushing this year is thick black glasses. I personally don’t believe 3/4 of the, ever so deep and complex beings of wannabe teenagers and young adults, can pull them off. Of course that never seems to stop anybody in this city from doing the horrendous things they do to be “cool”. Some people can pull it off, but just because someone else looks good doing it, DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU DO. It’s not all about the thick framed glasses though. They are also pushing on the sidelines more “hip” and out there frames. This part doesn’t particularly bother me because I remember the days when I was younger and would walk into an optometrist office and see a wall of 5,000 pairs of glasses. All thin framed…3/4 round, and all black, dark blue, brown or silver. The problem with glasses that are flashy is, if you have to wear them every day, chances are they aren’t always going to go well with that your wearing. Most of the time I’m sure people would be noticing the vibrant and out of place glasses on your face, then the outfit you may have spent time trying to put together. Then there are the ones that aren’t necessarily the brightest, but they have a very loud pattern on them and you know, those will only last a month, even though you should not have been wearing them longer than the costume party.

Who are the best lovers!????

Out of nerds vs. jocks, who would you rather sleep with? The one who has to put their retainer on the bedside table, or their jock strap?
A study found that nerds and computer geeks are the best lovers. They are said to be less selfish and more adventurous in bed, where as jocks and fitness guru’s are more selfish. Mainly because the jocks and fitness guru’s would rather prop you up like a blow up doll as they watch their own muscles in a full length wall mirror. (bahahahaha) I laugh because what I say is true and you know it!.


I hate the word….and I’m tired of such heated debates over it. Earlier I had blogged about a New Zealand couple who accidentally received 10 million dollars and fled. Usually a story like that will happen maybe once every 5-10 years. But a couple days later? This time in Canada! a man wanted to know the balance on his account, expecting a mere $1,600 range, when the automated teller informed him that he actually had just under 8 million dollars in his account. 
Wonder where all the economies money is going? well now you know. It is a secret lottery. Could you be next?
It makes me wonder how these mistakes could be made and who the hell they have working at a bank. Don’t people that work at banks make good money? Hire me instead of that burn out that, you know…like…just f-in you know like…graduated…….high school? you know?

I end this blog with a thanks…. A thank you to global warming…for finally giving some actual heat to our crummy Canadian weather. No more of that 22 degree high with a low of -10 and a -30 degree wind chill.


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