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What is it with suicidal fish???

So I continued my attempt at waking up and staying awake like normal people. Today was a bit more successful than the other day. Instead of setting my alarm for 7am, I tried for 8am. I woke up and texted then actually dozed off again. I woke up on and off and then dragged my butt out of bed by 9, so that wasn’t so bad. And I kept myself busy and did not have to take a nap. I cleaned up around the house and watched the continuous playing CSI:NY episodes that run on spike all day, until they start to repeat themselves, and of course ate a random array of foods to make someone think I were pregnant.
So my fish, Patrick Dempsey, is quite a boring fish. Or so I thought…. He usually sits in the same spot, nestled into the plant and waits for me to feed him. He’s a little piggy. I fed him once in the morning, and with some fish they eat the bigger pieces and leave the smaller to float to the bottom and yuck up the water, but not Patrick. He goes and finds every last flake and gobbles them up. A couple hours later I was laying on my bed reading when I heard a rock tink against the glass. I looked up to see Patrick push another rock and hit against the side of the glass. Now naturally I speak to my fish so I asked him what he wanted because he stopped throwing rocks and was staring at me. Then he swam to his plant, bit down on it and started tugging and swimming from side to side, like a dog would when its tugging on a rope. I picked up the container of fish food and shook it over top of the water….with the cap on though. I’m so mean. He was not impressed by this. So I gave him some more, and normally he’s scared but even with my hand right there he swam right up and gobbled down the biggest piece. Now after this point he was fed and I didn’t have to worry about him so I did my own thing. I continued to read and watch tv. I was watching Ellen and I was thinking to myself that I should go to the bathroom but I thought I could wait a couple more minutes till a commercial. When the time came I walked into my room and looked in the tank. The first thing I noticed was he was not in his usually place. HE WASN’T IN THE TANK AT ALL. Now from experience from my first jumper fish I looked all over the dresser first cause he couldn’t have gone far, then I was hoping he didn’t jump behind the dresser because that would be a stinky trouble. Then I look down on the floor, a meter from the tank, there is my poor Patrick, laying on the carpet, dry and lifeless. Now when I picked him up you could tell he was dry and not moving so I guess most people would have walked straight to the toilet or garbage. But for some reason I put him back in the tank of water, I guess hoping that he was still alive. I dropped the lifeless fish into the tank and watched him float slowly down to the bottom and then up a bit and hover, as I stared into its dead eyes. Then believe it or not, after about 10 seconds, he twitched…. His back fin started to wiggle then his gills started to move. HE WAS ALIVE. Awhile after that he was swimming lopsided and then went back to his usually spot. He didn’t move for a very long time. Not even tempted by food. So I thought he was doomed. Particles in the water were even beginning to settle on him! I am pleased to say that hours after and given time to recover, Patrick is doing fine and is currently not in his usual spot, but peeking at me from behind the plant.

Now as per usual, I would like to report some interesting happenings around the world. 

This isn’t as much of a happening as it is a grocery list.

Unusual Fruits and Veggies.

Normally when you go grocery shopping, fruits and veggies are usually a common well known list in your head. But what about this interesting foods. Have you ever heard of a Breadfruit?? This fruit looks like a rotten lime on the outside with a green and brown mix, while the inside looks like a dried up pale kiwi. This fruit has a bland taste but it is not normally used as a fruit is, instead it is baked, boiled, or even grilled. You can also buy them in a can which might be a more convenient option because the fruit can apparently grow up to 10 inches in diameter and up to 10 pounds. The second unusual fruit is the Carambola. Now most of you are thinking what in the heck is that! Although you may not have heard of it, chances are you have seen it, or heard of it by its other name…The star fruit. This greenish yellow fruit is exactly shaped like a star. It can range from sweet to tart depending on how broad or narrow the ribs are! Most of them time you see this used as decoration in most restaurants, but can be eaten the same way you would eat an apple! Celeriac anyone? Now the name is self is questionable because you are given the impression that it will look like celery. Instead this vegetable looks like a small ROTTEN pineapple. This vegetable is more of a root, and has leaves attached, unfortunately, these leaves are inedible so you probably shouldn’t eat it. Instead this vegetable is good raw cut up into salads, or cooked in soups and in stews. It has a combination taste of parsley as well as a very strong celery. Have you every seen an Albino carrot? Actually its not a carrot at all, it is a variety of radish called a Daikon. This veggie can be used in salads or cooked in stir-fry. IT has a sweet taste which you wouldn’t expect from a radish and can come in a variety of colors like, white, yellow, green or even black! Our last vegetable is a rather interesting looking one. It begins to look like a large onion or peeled apple. Sprouting from the sides and reaching high above it, root-like things crawl up and spread out into large green leaves (looks very much like lettuce). This strange veggie is called a Kohlrabi. It can either be eaten raw or cooked, tasting very much like broccoli stems, cauliflower and cabbage. The smaller this vegetable is, the more tender and the sweeter it will taste!
That concludes the short little shopping list of strange fruits and veggies. It may be a small list, but next time your in the grocery store, try and find a couple of these and incorporate them into your meals. I’m sure you will have your friends and family saying…..What the heck?

Want to go on a romantic mini-break? (British term for getaway)

Here are 10 romantic European getaways.
Bavaria,Germany – Schloss Neuschwanstein (The stone palace). This 19th century palace is located ontop a mountain and is one of Germany’s top tourist spots. The amazing palace has even been the inspiration for such Disney fairytale movies like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Need I say more?
Rome,Italy – Trevi Fountain. I can speak from first hand experience that this is a rather inspiring location. It is said to be amazing at night, unfortunately, I only witnessed it during the day. Now I’m not quite sure if I’m convinced that this is a romantic hot spot. Sure you may drift off in your own dream world with your lover, but it is usually so heavily populated with people and talking and flashing cameras, I would beg to differ. 
We come to a castle in Portugal but unfortunately, You would go for a possible architectural look rather than a romantic experience.
Are you a fan of tulips? Then do I have a place for you! Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Tulip gardens. These gardens look more like our wheat fields in the country. Thousands upon thousands of tulips are lined up in every possible color of tulip, it looks like a childhood picture where they color a normal field every color of the rainbow. Now your partner may not find this as appealing as you, and I personally suggest you specific that you are going to a tulip flower garden in Amsterdam as opposed to some other forms of lips that can be found in Amsterdam (bahaha)
Croatia – Plitvice Lakes National Park. This park looks more like an over sized japanese garden or backyard pond. There are wooden walk ways surrounded by water and waterfalls everywhere you look.
County Kerry, Ireland – Muckross House. This place looks more like a english storybook house. A dark grey exterior with vast amounts of greenery completely covering portions of the walls. There are spectacular gardens and scenery that will keep you entertained as well as a personal tour of the house.
Vienna, Austria – Vienna State Opera House. Now this place looks more like a skeletal building structure that is illuminated from top to bottom. Inside, it houses some of the most renowned theatrical performances.
Prague, Czech Republic – Petrin. Petrin is a hill located in the heart of prague. It is a popular recreational area for the locals as well as tourists and has breathtaking views and perfect environment for many picnics.
Our last two should be no surprise at all.
Paris, France – The Eiffel Tower. Although it is a beautiful location, if your thinking of popping the question, be prepared. So many proposals take place at the Eiffel Tower that you may just turn around to see someone who has the exact idea you had.
Venice, Italy – Gondola Rides. If your not a huge kisser (though I can’t imagine why anyone would want to be with you if you weren’t) a gondola ride is not for you. They are the most romantic and best way to view the most romantic cities in the world. As tradition in Venice, couples must kiss under every passing bridge in order to receive eternal love! Let the slobbery kisses ensue!

Now if romance isn’t your thing, perhaps these will interest you. A short list of:
Danger Zones To Vist!
1) Columbia 
2) Ethiopia
The Philippines
Sri Lanka

Funniest moment of the day:
A man teaches a dog to do squats with him! The dog does them perfectly and it is so funny to watches. The owner apparently limits the amount of times the dog does them each day because he does not want the dogs muscles to get too large hahaha


How many of you have given in to the blu-ray push? It seems that they are pushing blu ray more which makes me think that the DVD will slowly be faded out. Even my beloved Disney is releasing a blu ray and then releasing the dvd copy a whole month later. Now I’m not an expert on blu ray but I believe the whole idea of it is better picture quality (if you spend all the money on the tv… and the cords… and the player….and everything else) and the discs can even hold more information (how many more hours of extras do you need?) Now I would have been more open to the whole blu ray concept had I not come upon this….A new optical recording method has been discovered. This 5-D recording method can allow up to 1.6 terabytes of information on one Disc. Now just to show you how much that is…. If you were to buy a DVD disc from a store you could MAYBE fit one whole movie on their. Now this new method can actually store up to 300 DVDs on one single disc!
Of course this technology will take years to be perfected and put into place for production and more products to be able to use this method, but it still makes me wonder how long blu ray will last.

For now I must get some sleep because mornings come much too soon!


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