Blog Seven

Today I saw the funniest commercial ever. The commercial is for Franks Red Hot sauce. There is a sign for seniors bingo night and inside the seniors are all dancing and the guy says “Ethal, what did you put in the punch?” and she says “ Frank’s red hot sauce…I put that shit on everything!” Hahahaha Naturally they don’t say shit but thats what is suppose to be in there. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the video online for you just yet.
This isn’t really news, but I am pleased to say that I have finally gotten fat and have the resemblance of an ass now. I went shopping for dress pants for work (if they ever call me back) and I would actually fit into proper male dress pants (Yes the one’s with the over compensating ballooned crotch and the ass that can fit 5).

So, so far my waking up routine has been getting better. Getting out of bed is still a bit sluggish but I haven’t resorted to taking a nap during the day which is good. Unfortunately, I keep busy in the evenings and have had to resort to writing my blogs late at night (like midnight or 1am). How many of you enjoy waking up in the morning? Or that dreadful alarm clock? That noise ruins my morning. I’m a terrible morning person and that upsetting noise puts me off straight away. What if you could yell at your clock to tell it to shut up and it would actually work? 
Well that is the plan for a Canadian company. Neutrano has made the first iTalk alarm clock. It has voice technology and claims to understand anybody who can speak english to it. Sadly, you will have to say Snooze for it to be quiet, instead of other choice words everybody has been practicing in the mornings.

How do you decide on how much a website is worth?
Apparently someone has decided that the popular web site FaceBook is worth $10 Billion US. I dunno, but I think that sounds pretty ridiculous just for a web site, no matter how much people are obsessed with creeping on friends/ex-friends/ex-lovers/future prospects and being able to say you talked to a relative when you clicked that you liked their status or commented and said, So true…. or Ha ha…

Many people are set on diets and work outs and anything and everything to be able to shed the pounds, but have you ever tried…sleeping?

Having a proper sleep routine can actually reduce your hunger hormones. When sleep deprived, your body releases this hormone (ghrelin). Correcting your sleeping pattern also keeps your Leptin hormone in balance, which is what makes you feel full! Most suggest to try and aim for about 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.
Tips for regulating your sleep routine:
Try going to bed and waking up at the same time each day, even on weekends. (humph!!)
Avoid things like reading a newspaper, working out or watching tv before bed. (perhaps try staring at the wall?)
Do not go to bed angry! That’s right. If you have to…lie and say your sorry so you can go to sleep peacefully hahaha
Avoid coffee or alcohol before bed. Yes for some of you alcohol helps you go to sleep but that is because you pass out. Try drinking tea but specifically chamomile.

How many of you love the zoo? I love the zoo, although I feel bad for the animals sometimes haha. What would you think if you went to a harmless trip to the zoo and witnessed a tiger eat a zookeeper! Well okay he didn’t swallow him whole but a tiger in New Zealand had mauled a zookeeper in front of many tourists. The tiger had to be shot and killed, because it would not let go of the body.
Perhaps that is why I prefer to stay on the other side of the glass sometimes!

 Now if I had to decide whether to get a cat or a dog, it would be a simple decision. Hands down I would get a dog over a cat any day. I would even prefer a horribly ugly dog over some cats sometimes. However, I have finally found a cat that I would pick over most dogs!! One cat in specific actually which makes it even harder if I wanted to own one.
A cat in china, was born just as other cats,
all toes, all limbs, everything was fine.
It wasn’t until a year later that the cat
actually began to grow more appendages!!!
Before you start picturing a cat with a
frankenstein arm or leg sticking out of its
back, the cat’s new appendages actually
resemble a pair of wings!!! They kind of
look like giant cat ears sitting on its back
but still, I think its the cutest thing ever.
I had to post this picture for you to see!

Picture courtesy of

I must call it a night and get back to my attempt at a sleep routine! and I suspect…So should you!



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