Blog the Tenth


I had such the boring day. I was stuck in my drivers course from 8:30am to 4pm. We went through the book and he mentioned some hints as to things that would be on the test and then we have to watch these dreadful old movies. They were from the 80’s and even something like the 50’s. I’m pretty sure the only reason they showed them is because of the old cars that seems to get their jollies off. Sigh… Only one more day.

I came across Lady Gaga’s new video for Paparazzi, which is an amazing song and I really enjoyed the video. It is really long, I wonder if Music Tv Channels will even play it…it may cut into their time talking and not playing music : P It’s one of those movie/music videos with a story. The beginning and the end are meh. and I laughed when I saw her in the wheel chair and getting out with the polio canes. Other than that I loved it, even the morbid dead girls… but that’s not a surprise. Eeevvverrryyybboodddyyy makes a comment about her style and her crazy outfits… I..F-ing…LOVE them. They are crazy and fun and cool and at least she has the balls…or very hung ovaries, whatever you wanna say, to wear them. I have to emphasize what I am about to say and yes it is necessary.


My poor daughter…. I am not joking when I say that I will ground her if I ever see her doing such a thing out side of the house. I have so much to rant on the topic that I don’t even know where to start. What happened? Did I miss some tragic disease that infects your brain and limbs, only making it bearable to wear ugly, boring clothes to make yourself more unattractive and more unappealing then I’m guessing you already are… Haha… omg… yes I totally just said that.
And the reason your feet hurt in heels is because you only put them on for special occasions like grad. No wonder so many girls put out after grad, I bet you’d do anything to be able to take them off.

haha What an ass hey? I’m kidding.. I kid because I love. Why else would we let you leave the kitchen once in awhile? hahaha Okay I’m done. Sorry ladies. The sad thing is even after all that… I still treat you better and appreciate you more than every other guy…hmmm….Bleak world

Don’t worry, I don’t have the highest opinion about guys either. We are pretty much the scum of the world. I would elaborate more and make harsh jokes about them but we all know that would go on forever. Even now I am reading the saddest article on a site for men about becoming a badass, which consists of swearing and treating your environment badly (work environment, not stepping on plants and burning everything in sight) and finding your inner macho hahahaha

I would like to tie this next part into the unfortunate side effects of men because it just fits. A random shirt that sold maybe 100 of them a day, is now selling 100 shirts an hour! This must be some amazing shirt right?…..Wrong…. This shirt is a plain black shirt with 3 wolfs howling and a moon. What is so great about this shirt? You’ve got me… It’s the type of shirt that your parents buy you when you 12 because you can’t afford to buy your own clothes and they think its cool. After you put that specific shirt on your destiny is set and we flash forward to the same shirt with holes, pit stains, and a perfect imprint of a chicken wing, housing a very large, very nerdy balding man playing computer games in his parents basement at 30! *takes a breath*

Women, men… and now dogs.
Moving on to better and cuter things.

A soldier who was killed in Iraq saved a 1 month old puppy. The vet told him they would put the dog down unless it was adopted. The soldier, even against policy, adopted the dog and brought it from base to base. After his death his family back home is arranging to have the dog brought back home to the U.S.!

Women…men…dogs….now things that are just wrong.

I don’t care enough to go into detail, I would just like to say how sad it is that OCTOMOM has signed a tv reality deal. That’s all I know and I really don’t care enough to find out more. How very sad and disgusting.
I’m also very much over this whole Jon and Kate plus 8 business. Did he cheat, now did she cheat? I heard a theory on this and I think it is bang on. The theory was that since there was Octomon and all these other people with so many kids that Jon and Kate having 8 kids just wasn’t enough and they needed to do something drastic to gain back viewers. Don’t think something like that would boost ratings? The season finale a couple weeks ago brought in just under 5 million viewers, and this season premiere, a couple weeks after this whole tabloid business started, had a record 10 million viewers.

I am loving the warm weather. I took my dog out and it was about 7:30pm and it was still light out and it was beautiful! I didn’t think anything could ruin it, that is until I was attacked by a small swarm of mosquitos. That’s right, those little bastards are back. 
It isn’t the nicest looking thing I’ve ever seen, a plastic flower consisting of rubik’s cube colors, but it helps get rid of those pests! A man who studies mosquitos for a living has made this flower that attracts the mosquitos by using the colors and sugar solution with a bio-pesticide. Believe it or not, blood only makes up 10% of a mosquitos diet. The rest they get from drinking high energy nectar from flowers. Unfortunately, our problem isn’t solved. There are many different types of mosquitos and they all have different likes. Color-wise, Anopheles mosquitos like red and black, Culex like yellow and green, and Aedes like red black and blue. Although the flower uses BT, which is a harmful pesticide, it is used in such a small way that only the mosquitos would be effected by it so you don’t have to worry about your pets. In an experiment, out of 30 mosquitos and 48hrs later with the flower, only 4 were left. This product isn’t available yet, but I would be more than pleased to have a handful of these around my yard for a short while if it kills so effectively.

Once again, I’ve gotten carried away. I best look at some driving notes and get myself to bed.
Goodnight all.


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