Blog Eleven

Tada, I passed my driving course. I was lucky enough to get the easiest of 6 different tests. 3/4 of the questions on my test were the exact questions used in the practice tests, so I knew the answers. I got 96%….24/25. One silly question wrong, because I answered it and then changed my answer. On Tuesday I will be doing more practice, then I will be going to do my driving test, and then I will be driving to Edmonton to do city driving and then driving myself home, and the teacher will drive elsewhere from there. How convenient, but soooo much driving haha

Touchy, Touchy Subject!
Abortion. A doctor in the U.S. who performed abortions was shot and killed, with a sniper, outside of a church!! Employees of the doctor said he was a good man and helped many people and saved many women’s lives who would have died if they had kept the baby (not sure how or why) I would like to play devils advocate on this subject. So many people are against abortion and think it is wrong. They are willing to kill to make their point… a life for a life perhaps? 
Pro-Abortion. People who are pro-abortion feel they are doing the right thing. If a young mother who is not ready to have a baby would it be easier on the child (not that they shouldn’t have to live with their choices even though its not fair on the child) if she had it or if it was aborted early. Like I mentioned earlier, they even claim that it can save the mothers life who would ultimately die in the process of labor. Now I’m not an expert on the subject, I am just throwing the topic out there with some points.
Anti-Abortion. Those who are against abortion think that killing is killing, no matter how far advanced the fetus is, whether it is 1 week or 10 weeks. It seems to me that most people who are against abortion are very religious. So let’s say a young women was raped and as a result was pregnant? Do you feel that she did not go through enough that she should go through the pregnancy and get attached to the child and then have to give it up. Or perhaps she kept the child and was not capable of taking care of the child. The child would have to be put up for adoption. Orphans would live their life resenting their parents for giving them up and having no idea about the real situation. They are also at a disadvantage from birth in comparison to other children. But at the same time they learn how to be more independent, responsible, have better morals and ethics. Have you ever heard of a spoiled orphan? I didn’t think so. Anyway we are slightly going off topic here. I would like to wrap this up with one last comment. For those who think there is no excuse for abortion whether the child is put up for adoption or not. Would it not also be your responsibility to donate more money and materials to orphans who are the result of a woman not getting an abortion? If you said no to this and you are anti-abortion, what your saying is that you don’t believe under any circumstance that the child should be aborted and at the same time you feel you don’t have any obligation to help in any way. Or in other words, People should have to deal with the hand they are dealt no matter how unfortunate that hand may be. You could be handicap or disabled and need aid, I feel for your situation but I don’t feel that I should help fund anything, so bluntly you should just deal with it. Now I don’t believe that….I’m just making a point. I will stop at that before I ramble on forever.
(I am neither pro-abortion, nor anti-abortion. So don’t jump to conclusions just because you feel you have to use everybody as a scapegoat for your anger and problems that you so seriously need help with)


I was honestly shocked when I heard someone make the comment that they did not like the movie Titanic with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. I thought that was such a good movie!!! haha I had always been interested in the whole story behind the Titanic and the history. 
The last survivor of the Titanic died in England at the age of 97. Millvina Dean was only just over two months old when the Titanic sank on April 14, 1912. She was one of 706 people, mostly women and children, who survived. Dean’s father was one of the 1,517 people who died that night. I was thrilled to hear that stars of the movie Titanic, Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio donated money to help pay Dean’s nursing home costs. How nice!! R.I.P Millvina Dean and to all those who died on the Titanic.


As if monkeys weren’t interesting enough. Scientists have given a gene that made two monkeys feet glow green! When under a UV light, the monkeys feet were visibly green. Even more impressive, the gene was passed on to some of the offspring!

So I thought that airports and anything on a plane that could possibly be destructive was taken away and the security was increased. Which made me curious to read an article that reported that a bomb was found on a plane 15min after the plane took off! The bomb was safely defused but I hate to say that I was not surprised at this information when I found out that the plane was in Iraq.

Design Tips: Adding Color!

Have you ever heard of the 60-30-10 rule? Don’t worry neither have I, even will months worth of HGTV shows under my belt hahahaa The 60-30-10 rule consists of 60% hue unifying the coloration, 30% provides visual interest and 10% adds a spark to your space!
Complementary color scheme – colors that are across from each other on the color wheel. Red and green, blue and yellow, purple and orange. Best suited for formal rooms. like livingroom and dining rooms.

Analogous color scheme – These are colors that are next to each other on the wheel, like yellow and green, blue and violet, or red and orange. Best suited for casual spaces like family rooms, dens and bedrooms.
Try replicating your interior space with color values of the outside world.
Pick your color scheme from the largest pattern featured in the room.
Create flow with color by picking a favorite hue and use it in different ways throughout adjoining spaces.
High-contrast space appears clearer and more highly defined than space with low contrast.
Soft blues and whites create a romantic environment.
Try before you buy! Get samples and leave them in a room for a couple days. That way you can get adjusted to the color in the room, as well as see it in different lights.

9 Simple and Wonderful Life Lessons

Drive or walk a different way to work! You may notice small shops or things that you may not even have known were right around the corner! Try being a tourist in your town and seek out new and different places that hold your interest. eg: libraries, museums, restaurants and vintage movie theaters.

Go strawberry picking and make some jam.
A fun and enjoyable experience, picking berries with your family or a loved one on a sunny day. Eating the fruit right from the plant and taking it hold and making jam. If you have not done it before, even better. It is a learning experience, and an experience you wont forget.

Collect a quote of the day.
Have a daily dose of inspiration from any source and find creative ways to have them surrounding you.

Learn one new fact or word a day
You will expand your knowledge, vocabulary and will be able to talk about many different and interesting topics!

Visit a farmers’ market
New colors, smells, tastes, people and other inspiring new things. See vegetables or foods you have never seen before and even sample them. Find things you have seen before used in new and creative ways from local people in or around your community.

Catch fireflies and learn why they light the summer sky
This could be a fun and relaxing activity. Catch a jar with your kids and research how and why they light up. Your children and you will enjoy the time and knowledge learnt in that short time together.

Watch all the movies by one actor or director
Create your own little film festival and be an expert on things that you love.

Read an autobiography of someone you are interested in

Start investigating someone who inspires you or intrigues you. Get to know them, discover who they were and what their story was. You will not only find out about them, you will find yourself on the way.

Volunteer and help others
Taking value from helping others and volunteering. Keep a journal of the things you have done and the lessons you have learnt everyday. Learn to work with others towards a common goal and even make new friends.

You will be interested in how much these small things can change your life and even give you more activities for you and your family!



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