MTV Movie Awards 2009


I thought I would do a whole play by play of the MTV Movie Awards, because I started watching 3/4 of the way in and already had many comments. So! Sit back and relax because I am starting from the beginning of the awards show and commenting on everything I see!
Am I actually suppose to appreciate the fact that they have run out of candidates to host the awards that they would have to pick someone has brutally terrible as Andy Samberg. He falls in a boat, yes a boat, full of the same type of actor…like Will Ferrell and Jack Black. All terrible one type actors. It’s like the same person was just reincarnated into different forms to be able to destroy the world with bad acting and sad humor.

I would like to bring up the fact that I am no fan of Andy Samberg…. We will see if my opinion changes any towards the end of the show. I have to admit the Twilight beginning with Robert Pattinson, and Taylor swift was pretty funny.
Naturally, if I was a celeb, I would put on that smiling laughing face to show that I’m not a prude.
Haha I have never seen keyboard cat before, that poor cat haha but thats funny.
Sorry for the point form but it may just be easier this way.
Um…Okay… In the opening song which sucked, he says Cameron Di y’all and out she comes…Dancing with her arms up with full out sweat circles!
Did Chris Pine just say Anna Farris’ line? Or was that planned? or is everything not planned.
I have to see Slumdog Millionaire I think because everybody talked about how good it was, and I highly highly doubt that.
I didn’t really care for Ashley Tisdale’s dark hair. I love it! but blonde people who dye their hair dark you can always tell, but she’s looking super hot.
So the director of the new transformer movie comes out with Megan Fox. Everybody loves her because of her looks, but am I the only one who noticed that she looked like a wet dog??
That Transformers preview was pretty sad, I dunno if they just decided to cut more out when putting it online but what I saw sucked. And I’m disgusted with the constant advertising of the awful movie, Year One.
I’m glad that Twilight won the best fight award, I was kind of surprised when the Dark Knight was an option…. I guess people are over their sympathy votes and the hype made from Heath Ledgers Death (R.I.P)
Eminem huh…..abubabuba luba bitty wibity ….No thanks Eminem, but thanks for the flash cards in the background so we can understand what your bibbity boppity booing.
Oh… Andy Samberg made one joke…. It was about Vanessa Hudgens and how he likes her and how brave she was to star in a documentary of an all gay highschool. I admit… I laughed
Why are obese people always made to try and say funny things when really its just sad….?
And Robert Pattinson takes home another award! for breakthrough performance male.
Hahahaha too f***ing funny, when the gay australian who will be playing in the new Borat movie landed on Eminem. He was pissed!!! He even got up and left. Oh well. One less cracka…..Wa-uh-uh-oh, Did I just say that?
Zac Efron Wins Best Male Performance. I wish he didn’t have the comb over sweep from the back of his head to the front of his face over his eye. It looks better when he is in movies and it’s managed.
Very Very excited for this film.
Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds presented the award for Best Kiss! Love them…. I am really looking forward to The Proposal.
And the winner for best kiss is…. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart!! They both messed up their tosseled quafs and lean in and tease us all by about to kiss, but in the end they don’t.
Haha I enjoyed Jim Carry’s introduction to…Jizz in my pants….and I’m..on a boat…..thats right….*shakes head* and Dick in a box. Jizz in my pants performed by Leanne Rhymes, I’m on a boat by Chris Isaak, and Dick in a box by Forest Whitaker.
Big Pak and Hayden Panettiere introduced the WTF award. They had a little rap off with a handful of f-bombs. Amy Poehler won the wtf award. She wasn’t there but was on camera. her acceptance speech was pretty good, it was short and full of f-bombs.
Oh Little….Wayne… He looks like he has a set of fake plastic white teeth, you know how they stick out and look like they could fall out any second….yeah…
Best Song from a movie goes to….The Climb!! From Hannah Montana the movie!
Miley Cyrus accepting her reward. I love how she did the itty bitty steps running in high heels on the stage, and she even had to grab her boobs to hold them in kuz they were bouncing around. She sounded like a typical teenage, “Dude, Lil Wayne just handed me my award!” With a hint of a major hick accent, like ahyuck. and when she was thanking people…. I wanna thank God! Ahllooooo! haha omg…. And then she thanks her grandma… I’m gonna say because she made a top 10 list in her biography …yes….she is 16 and has an autobiography. Her top 10 favorite people placed her Grandma somewhere lower on the list. Even Ashley Tisdale beat her grandma! haha and then she ends it by saying “I’m on a boat” *rolls his eyes*
Thank you Miley
Twilight New Moon Preview!!
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner. I think it’s interesting how the younger of the 3, Taylor sounds like a proper well spoken celeb.
I’m greatly looking forward to New Moon. It looks like it will be really good. (side note: I LOOOVVVEEE the long painting on the wall at the Cullens) I don’t know what I was expecting for the wolves but even though they are animated….I will probably still adore the movie. and how is Jacob (taylor) buffer than me?…he is only 16… hahaha
MTV’s Generation Award goes to Ben Stiller.
What… the heck is going on with that brutal brutal hair?…. Longest award speech ever….by Zac Efron, Kiefer Sutherland, and Triumph the dog. It was like a bad joke that just dragged on and on and on. You could tell even he was getting pissed off at it. The only moment he was pleased is when they mentioned his parents. Other than that, he looked impatient. And I’m so glad that Triumph the dog mentioned how terrible Night at the museum 2 was. Even though I haven’t seen it. I don’t have to… I’ve seen the previews and that was more than enough crap.
The award for best female performance goes to… Kristen Stewart in Twilight!
Best acceptance of the night. Normally she is very awkward and she doesn’t say much. It’s always like she doesn’t know what to say or is too good to be there. Then my attitude completely changed WHEN SHE DROPPED THE AWARD. haha It was so funny. I was even watching the people from MTV talk about it and they said the same thing. They didn’t care for her but that moment just there changed our entire outlook on her hahaha (for now)
I liked how she was able to laugh at herself as well. Before she left the stage she said “I was just about as awkward and you expected me to be!”
I rather enjoy the new kings of leon song “use somebody”

Did anybody else see when the shitty actors from Land of the Lost were called on to present an award, Jim Carry did something really weird. It was like he was looking down and then got so excited that his gum well out of his mouth but he caught it and started clapping with his eyes wide open???

He won the award for Best comedic performance. I enjoyed Jim Carrey’s speech. The majority of it was pre-recorded and played as if you were listening to his thoughts. It was really funny, especially “I needed to say something…something that needed to be said……..There wouldn’t be a swine flu if we treated the pigs better!”

Densel Washington came out with his daughter, advertising her as a new up and coming actor. It’s hard to be able to remember her, you could hardly see her face underneath her hair.
The winner of best picture of the year went to TWILIGHT.
I was so pleased that the whole cast came up for accepting the award and not just the select few.

They played a preview for G.I. joe. It looks kind of interesting… a mix between star wars, star trek and x-men.

and No Andy… you were not the best intro-er

I don’t watch many of the award shows, I always seem to miss them. There were a few funny moments, but perhaps it was because of all the wasted time with Andy trying to be funny that I realized it wasn’t that funny and rather short.

Oh well….

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