Blog Thirteen


I am so proud of my lill Wii…. yes… Wii… not my little Wii Wii. I knew it played Gamecube games but I had all my Gamecube games in Vegreville. I brought some home with me and I am able to play all the games still. You just plug the controller in the top of the system and plug the memory card just behind that. Which is great kuz now all those games aren’t a complete waste of money! haha

So I am currently at a stand still for finding a job because apparently my resume is sub-par. hahaha I’m hoping to find a job downtown but I might just have to accept jobs elsewhere. Humph

My martini glass has been the home of my fighting fish, Ariel. I thought I would give her more room while there is nothing there. Today!! I had to move her back though. She is back in her old bowl, and currently in the martini glass are three new fish. A blue and a pink tetra and a sucker fish to clean up. Since the beta fish is named Ariel, we thought we would stick with the Disney theme for now. The blue tetra is Donald, and the pink one is Daisy. The sucker fish was going to be named Gil from Finding Nemo, but I thought of an even better one! His name is Sandy Plankton, from Finding Nemo!! haha
Donald and Daisy are very interested in the bubbles. They go after the bubbles and then they pop… then they find another bubble and it pops haha and they are good little piggies. They gobble all their food right up.

Today I went to the sea life caverns in West Edmonton Mall. It’s not the largest thing, but it is only a couple bucks and it has some things that you probably don’t see every day. Their was a very large bull frog I believe that was being fed. Apparently they grow up to the size of a plate. The girl fed him a worm, and then believe it or not, A MOUSE! It gobbled it down very slowly and then slurped up the tail hahaha. My favorite thing is the sting ray pond. They come up the the surface like little puppies and you pet them and they are all slimey haha There’s some alligators and snakes and then penguins and you can see some larger fish and sharks in the bigger tank. It’s not the biggest place but it was still entertaining. I wish the sub was still opened, that would have been a good experience… Why ever did they close it?

They always get rid of the good things.


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