Blog Fifteen


It is a good thing that you can’t hiccup type. Kuz I would be doing it for quite some time. I went out for a few drinks, tried a few couple kinds of beer and had a bad case of the hiccups. I am home now…I’m calm… and so far I am safe. 

I have nothing too spectacular to report. Today I hung out with my sister while she looked at stuff for their house. They are building one so it’s fun to be able to pick out all that stuff. Usually what happens is I walk into the stores and walk straight for the glass tiles for backsplash and stuff. Those are my favorite. I got home and decided to try reading so I could finish the book but that wasn’t very successful because I fell asleep. So hopefully when I find the time or actually sit down and read I will have another book review. Also stay tuned I have a new painting in the words. I thought of something and I attempted at planning it. We’ll see how that goes though because usually when I plan my paintings I throw the plan out the window and do something random. That is why I can never promise something in a painting.
Anyway, it is late and I am tired. I’m sure some interesting things happened in the world today but I’m sure they can go a day without me making note of them.

Good day all.


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