Blog Sixteen


High off paint fumes.
With some of my paints I notice the strong smell and usually have a window open. However, with the weather being crappy and using paints that I didn’t think smelled I had the window closed. It was not until my roommate comes home and asked if I was painting. She could tell just from walking in the door. 

Haha Oh well. This painting will take me longer than usual. Normally I start and work until I’m finished. Then stare at it and then wait a day and if I still don’t like it then I do something about it, and if after a few days I still don’t like it I will go and fix it. Anyway… this one I have made more complicated that I’m sure it needs to be. I had to measure and plan things out and it is very tricky and I can mess up if I don’t pay attention. I’m sure when I’m done you won’t know what I’m talking about but that’s fine. Also another snag is that one of the colors I have chosen to use as a main color, I am nearly out, so I am at a stand still until I pick some more up tomorrow.

Tonight I am going to dinner to the restaurant Chop. I have driven by multiple times and it looked like a nice place. My sister had mentioned it and seeing as I have dinner plans, I thought I would suggest this place. We shall see how it goes. Hopefully it won’t be too busy…haha

Have you ever heard a fish crunch?…. I’m not talking about the fish itself dying, kuz only spiders should be killed with a crunch. I mean eating under water. The beta food is in pellets, and I don’t know what they expect but it says to feed the fish a few times a day. My beta only eats like once every 3 days, and even then you only give her two specs. Anyway I fed her and she came up and ate the pellet, then spit it out like usual, then she ate it again and went crunch, crunch, crunch, and then spat out what she never ate. It was very weird. She does this thing with the fins on the side of her head. I’m not sure if it is when she is angry or what but she fans them out and moves her mouth, it is kinda funny and cute.

I’m pleased to say that my new proper fish are doing well. However, the blue one is small and blends in with the rocks and sometimes when the sucker fish is in an odd spot you can’t see him, so I panic and look around the tank as if they jumped out and then find them still in the tank.

Good little fishes.


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