Blog Seventeen


So I’ll begin where I left off yesterday. I went to the restaurant Chop for dinner. For a started I was really looking forward to the coconut lime muscles, oddly enough they were sold out. We were there about 7:15pm and I thought it was strange that they are open till 1am on Friday and Saturday, and they don’t carry more of them. They even said they go fast because they are a favorite…wouldn’t you have more in stock? Anyway…so they gave us a sample of this drink. It had some sort of Vanilla twist stuff and ginger beer. It was very very very good. I would like to go back to the restaurant just to try those muscles and have another one of those drinks. It is rather expensive so if you going there and plan on spending less than $70 this isn’t the place for you. Because we couldn’t get the muscles as a started I got the ahi tuna pillars, those were not the greatest. Especially for $14 and all you get is two. haha

I was able to pick up my paint so I am looking forward to finding some time to be able to work on my painting and have it up and posted as soon as its done.

I was told about a new book series that is becoming very popular. I’m tempted to look into it but I have 100 books sitting on my dresser waiting to be read. So unfortunately, those will have to wait. For those of you who are interested check them out….City of Bones, City of Ashes and City of Glass. Sadly, because these books sound exactly like something I would thoroughly enjoy, I will probably buy them soon. Bad Bad Bad.

Tonight I will be going to the Disney and Pixar movie, Up! I’m surprised I have waited this long to go see it but I have been busy busy. I will be even more busy when I get a job again and go back to work.
Fingers crossed for my interview this week.



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