Blog Eighteen

Tada! I am done my new painting. Like I said I probably made it much more complicated than it should be. You can view it by going to my paintings section. All of the picture are in order from what I did first.

So in my last blog I mentioned a set of books, City of bones, city of ashes and city of glass. Like the terrible person that I am I did end up buying them. If your interested and also keep this in mind, for really popular books or up and coming books go to costco if you can. If they are popular or about to be you can buy them there for cheaper than you could at chapters. Not that I don’t love chapters because I do. For the past I dunno 4 months they have had mountains of Twilight books still for sale. You can find some good books there!

I also picked up a set of silverware finally. Yay haha I had to wait for them to go on sale though. Don’t judge. I had a coupon that didn’t start till today and it saved me $14. and seeing as I don’t have a job I have to be thrifty… That’s why I wasted money on more books, but that is besides the point. I have two silverware drawers. One drawer full of cool bubbly ikea ones and the other ones that I got in this giant kitchen set. Inside the kitchen set was a set of cheap pots, silverware drawer and other kitchen utensils, a knife block, cutting boards, tupperware and some other knick-knacks for like $4.98 (reduced from something ridiculous like $30) haha Of course the silverware is rusting and getting thrown out and I never use the pots but the knife block has been redeemable thus far and the tupperware. I would love to buy a new knife block but not yet.

That’s enough nonsense rambling for one night. As you can see I am tired. Im gonna go read a few chapters so I can finish my book tomorrow, get the review up and find me a job!



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