Blog Nineteen


I felt like being very opinionated and blog about news and other such events. Sadly this changed once I started to read different “news” articles and found that things they were advertising as new news… I had already known. I won’t even mention one in particular I was thinking about, because it is nothing to be really proud of relating to a rather over rated celeb. A brand new fact that I already knew a year ago.

Now I really don’t feel like blogging at all. I suppose that would be best. I have to go for a wonderful CT scan tomorrow morning at 7:45am. Which will be horrible and brutal… not because of the scan, but having to wake up that early. I have been setting my alarm for 10am and every time I turn it off and go back to bed. I know I’m one to complain, you are all shaking your fist at me as we speak….and I say this to you now……Ha!



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