Blog Twenty-One


Have you ever started a word of the day calendar? I have subscribed to the word of the day email, I even went as far as making a hotmail folder in my inbox for words that I thought were interesting or useful that I had never heard of. I planned to be able to use these in my writing. (This webpage was not my planned writing) I found that even though I thought the words to be interesting I did not actually retain the meaning behind them. So as if there weren’t enough words to know already, believe it or not, there is a “crowned” one millionth english word. I think it is complete nonsense and nothing special, but I thought I would share it with you all.
Drum roll please….Web 2.0….. I don’t believe this is necessary or all that true but I like to comment on things I see. The meaning behind it is a technical term referring to the “world wide web” products and services. 
I don’t care if lots of people voted or someone agreed, if we began to do this then there is nothing stopping other nonsense. Your child will be able to look up “that’s hot” in the dictionary to learn about Paris Hilton, or “brangelina” or “Spiedy”. This has to be stopped….Please…won’t somebody think of the children!

I said I didn’t want to talk about the whole American Idol thing anymore because I was bored of it already, but this isn’t exactly the same thing. I just think it is so funny that Adam Lambert had to “come out” in a magazine. Was there any person that didn’t already know that? He just screams lesbian…oh….This just in… Adam Lambert is actually a male! well flip me over and spank me silly. Just kidding! And I’m done.

More job hunting, and it continues tomorrow as well. There are only so many vague job postings one can apply to.

Il est difficile de trouver un bon travail



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