Wicked by Gregory Maguire

I was over all pleased with this book but at the same time it has its frustrations. It is really fun reading it and making all the connections to the original Wizard of Oz story, as well as the characters and events within the book itself. It was very well written but if possible…it was OVER WRITTEN. The flaw to this book is that the author, like many authors make the mistake of rambling. I know it is easy to ramble and you want to make as many descriptive points to help the reader, but there is a line. It is one of those books where you read on and on and then it gets boring so you wonder off and realize your halfway through the page and you don’t remember a word you just read. Also when you see out of your peripheral vision that a conversation is coming you actually get excited because that means that something is happening. There are so many pages you can describe made up political blah blah blah until enough is enough. 
That would be the negative to this book, towards the beginning it was rather smutty and I never expected that, but it wasn’t as noticeable towards the end.
The story line is good and I look forward to reading the next few books.
If you have the time it is worth the read. If you don’t…just ask someone else, they can highlight all the key points and leave out all the blah blah blah.


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