Blog Twenty-Two


Oh silly silly life. Today I went to apply at many different banks and they all gave me the same answer. That you have to go online and put your resume there and blah blah blah. SO naturally there is no hope in hell. However, I still did give a few of them my resume. I even dropped one off at a little competition.

I had a wonderful evening of board games which is always enjoyable. I would much rather play board games and drink than waste time and money getting ready to go to the bar just to sweat and stink and get stepped on and get booze poured on me and to come out looking like a wet mangy dog 3 hours later. Drinking while playing board games is even better because it puts everybody on a level playing field because even if someone is a pro at the game or topic, they are impaired.

I regret to also inform you that Sandy Plankton, my sucker fish has tragically and mysteriously died. I blame my pink fish. She is very much the boss man and some of Sandy Planktons fins were missing.

Since I finished Wicked, I decided to move onto Son of A Witch, and I opened my very nice looking black leather with gold pages and a green ribbon book. Something about the book seemed very strange. As it turns out when it says Wicked…Son of a Witch, it actually meant that it was two books in one, So it contains Wicked as well as Son of a Witch. So now I have two Wicked books haha Such nonsense.

Off I go to educated more people on the wonderful world of Disney.

Good day all.


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