Blog Twenty-Five


I am back, just to touch on a few things. Random is what I do best so here we go.

Today I went to The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, definitely worth it. I enjoyed it very much, however, what I did not enjoy was the line up. They didn’t really have a system to it, they made a line up with ropes long enough for about 10 people and then the rest were corralled into a hallway. Everything was fine, more and more people came and made comments about how long the line up. It wasn’t until one or two of the other movies came out and 900 women and 2 men came looking for the bathroom. So the movie lineup became a bathroom and a movie line up. After that situation slowly dispersed, the line started to loop around and some people who were never in the line up appeared in front of. I did not appreciate the two cows that went in front of me, I should have shoved their yogen fruz right in their faces. What bothered me the most was this GIANT TOOL that was at the end of the loop, so the tail end of the line, who slowly turned around and inched his way next to me and on his way in front of me. I wasn’t gonna let that happen so I took my place back. Then the group of girls behind me totally called him out in front of everybody and everybody turned around and told him off. He was one of those wanna be hipsters with a necklace with 5,000 charms on it and bracelet and a douche-hat. Anyway… He started laughing and saying things about how people should mind their own business and conversations to his friends and he thought he was so cool. I had completely forgotten that their were stupid too cool for school kids and people of the like out there. I have been sheltered in my chemo cave for too long.

Just off to one more random note.
The Obama killing a fly thing. SOOOOOOOO Funny!! and that was a huge fly. As if that wasn’t funny enough, get this… PETA wishes that he didn’t swat that fly! They even went as far as sending the president a katcha bug. This device catches insects safely so they can be released back into the environment unharmed. HA…HA…HA… and at the same time…What the!??!?!?! I don’t care much for flies myself, and I wonder if this anti-peta pet fly thing goes as far as mosquitos? 
In that case, I’m guessing my plan to buy a flame thrower and use it on mosquito swarms won’t make them very happy????



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