Son of a Witch

Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire

Not my favorite of books. I was decidedly pleased to find that it was less political and therefore shorter. Things happened, but it was not as memorable as Wicked. I did not particularly care for the main character and his meaningless misadventures or hardships. The ending was not abrupt exactly, but almost ill placed? It was if the book was made because it had to be made and the author just wanted it to end. “Once upon a time there was a prince…and then some stuff happened and he died, the end.” The ending was somewhat expected, but again, not very pleasing. The next book in the series is A Lion Among Men, so the perspective of the cowardly lion. However, I’m hoping that the story still continues with many of its same characters from Son of a Witch, because in my opinion, the main character did not finish what he set out to do. He just added more things to the list and overlooked the main important things. Humph….

I am not pleased with this book. Hopefully the next will answer my unanswered questions and give me a better opinion. It was horribly short, so it can be explained in almost one breath.

I don’t recommend reading this one. I suggest reading Wicked and skipping this book, only finding out the important bits from someone else and then move on to A Lion Among Men.

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