Jasper Road Trip


So Jamie had a wedding to go to in Prince George, B.C. so we decided to make a trip of it and go to Jasper as well! We left friday morning around 9:00 Believe it or not on the way out of Edmonton, we had to go in to Edmonton just to find a Timmy Ho’s. We ventured off and instantly ran into construction which was backed up for awhile only to find that there was really no reason for it to be. We made a few stops now and then for a bathroom/food. There were many people driving with those little half trailers that magically just pop up or something, I dunno how they work. These people specifically were terrible drivers. They would swerve out into the other lane to see if they could pass and then since they couldn’t they would just swing right back into their lane and their trailer would sway behind it. This happened quite a few times. There were a few things I unfortunately missed and was not able to catch them on camera, including some very strange signs for roads and towns. Every now and then when you get closer to Jasper you see all these signs telling you to slow down “caution, wild life.” I think these are just to get you excited because there was a great LACK of wildlife. We got to the hotel and put our stuff up in the room and decided to explore the town a bit. We ate at Earls and had some great food. The restaurant was in a really nice building and we ate on the patio outside which was on a wrap around balcony on the second floor. Heading back to the hotel to try and plan a few things for the following day and then walked to downtown. We stopped at store after store and every single gift shop type store had pretty much the same thing but varying prices. I picked up a small white marble bear with a jade fish in its mouth, luckily at one of the cheaper places it seemed. I love christmas and was stoked to see a store devoted to it in the middle of summer. Unfortunately, nothing was that impressive. There was also a candy store that I instantly scoped out, only to find popcorn,ice cream and fudge, when I wanted hundreds of bins of random goodness. There was n excess of bike shops, I’m sure at least 4, in the downtown stretch that is like 6 blocks if that. Grabbing a handle of info at the center we quickly planned our saturday, and headed to dinner where we ate sushi. I have zero luck when it comes to those restaurants. I always want the cute little private booths but never get them. I tried squid, which I think I had before, but I had not previously tried a salmon roe. It was okay, it was basically like biting into a fish oil capsule. The spicy octopus was super good though, and of course you have to have miso soup.
When we got back to the hotel, it was not hard to believe that I went to bed as soon as I could.

Saturday morning we woke up about 8am so I was able to eat some breakfast and then we headed off to the Maligne Canyons for a good hike. We arrived before and as many tour buses came, and it got really busy by the time we were ready to leave. We began the hike on the regular path that it seemed everybody else was on, but I headed back to the gift shop to the bathroom and decided to start on the closer more exciting path (which turned out to be the ending.) I had no problem going against the traffic of tourists, because once the large group was passed it was almost dead aside from the odd hiker. It was very peaceful and we did not have to deal with pushy picture seekers. Following paths that we decided to take, I found a higher up path that seemed to just go and go! I ran down ahead to see where it ended. Unfortunately, I kept running and it just kept winding around a hill so I gave up and went back. We stopped at the usual picture spots, but what fun would that have been? We often strayed from the path and went through the trees and rocks to places other people wouldn’t and got some pretty good pictures. About an 1hr 30min of hiking we decided that we should head back because the path we took was never ending and we needed to be back in town for 1:30pm. Strangely enough it only took like 30min to walk back the same way that we came. That’s not including the hundreds of stops that I had to take from being so out of shape. After chemo all I did was sit at home, I have zero energy, but I did really well and I was proud of myself. When we got back to the car we went back to the gift shop to sit outside and eat some of the snacks we packed. (the gift shop has some pretty nice sculpture. However, what kind of a tourist would go for a hike and decided to pick up a giant eagle sculpture for $39,000? I think not) We had an interesting run in with a curious squirrel (All of the pictures are on my album page under the Jasper Road Trip album) After that we headed back into town and then just a bit up the mountain to our next adventure….Horseback riding!!! haha We decided to go for the 2hr ride because it was only a couple dollars more than the 1hr. It was alot of fun, my horses name was Bandit and he was pretty well behaved. He only tried to eat grass a few times, the only thing I didn’t like was when you kicked him, he didn’t care and it certainly did not make him go any faster. Instead, when he felt like it he would suddenly just begin to trot haha There were only about 6 of us riding, not including the guide, but one lady who had a previous neck injury was not able to continue all the way. The guide told us some pretty interesting facts. There was a lake that had a sunken ship that was made during the war but was not able to be used, so they sunk it incase they needed it in the future. In the summer a lot of divers like to go and see what is left of the ship. There was one mountain that I noticed a few times and you can see it in some of the pictures that is red in a few spots. It is apparently from the iron rusting. There is a flooded green area you can see in the pictures, this was also interesting, because Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had set up plans and funds to turn it into a golf course only to return to find that the beavers had flooded it. Hahaha. When we were done riding we headed back to town and then out again to the tram! I’m not the biggest fan of heights in specific situations, but it wasn’t too bad. I sat on the way up and looked at the floor on the way down, sad I know. Unfortunately, I was not able to climb to the top of the mountain as you can see in the pictures. With all the things I had done that day, I was surprised I wasn’t dead, or having a heart attack. haha. Once safely down on the ground it was about 6:00pm and we had to head to Prince George! We needed a little pick me up on the way to keep us awake, as you can tell. Thankfully with the B.C. time zone we got an extra hour to drive. When we got to Prince George, which is a rather scary and unimpressive city we were too lazy to do anything but go to our room and order room service. 

Sunday we had the wedding to go to so we did breakfast and went to the ceremony which was followed by a break for pictures before dinner. Taking advantage of this it was nap time at the hotel! The wedding was good and a lot of fun (even more so when the bottles of wine appeared on the table as opposed to the expensive little bar that wanted $6 for a small glass of wine) They did a lot of cute things and played a large variety of music. I’m not quite sure what time we stayed till because I seemed to miss the point where my phone found out we were in B.C. and changed to the time zone so I was ahead and back.
Monday morning was a very slow morning, but realizing that we had a full day of driving ahead of us, I made Jamie get out of bed even though he was a little….. Outside of Prince George I took over driving for a while so he could sleep and get rid of that headache. It didn’t entirely work but it was a start. We didn’t make as many stops as I would have liked to on the way home, because everything seemed less exciting than it did on the way in. We made it home around 9pm, I dunno about you but the whole fun of a trip is getting there and being there. When it comes to going home, I just want to be teleported there. It is one of the more miserable experiences in life. Although I was exhausted because I didn’t really sleep on the way home for the hope of picture opportunities, I felt the need to be productive. So I unpacked all my luggage and proceeded to wash all my clothes from before and during the trip. I even loaded all the pictures and made captions for them all.

It was a very good trip and I had a lot of fun. I’m sure there were more details about the trip that I forgot to add, but hopefully I was able to highlight the major stuff. Check out my pictures in my album! There are some pretty good ones, including the priceless one I used as the blog header!!!


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