A Lion Among Men

A Lion Among Men by Gregory Maguire

A Lion Among Men is a continuation to the Wicked and Son of a Witch series. I was pleased at the beginning to learn a few details about the previous characters that I didn’t know, but it also left me alot of questions. Looking back on the book it is almost as if nothing really happened. It was all flash backs so it is as if the whole book took place in two days. I don’t want to give too much away, but I was not pleased with the ending! I had to look it up to be certain, but I believe there will be a 4th book from Glinda’s perspective. It may be an interesting read, but I almost feel tired of the dragged on story lines and un-endings. I am hoping that the 4th book answer all my questions about characters and things that might happen. 

I do not recommend reading this book at all. It is hard to take this advice because it is a series and you can’t just read one or two books of the series. If you can I say skip this book entirely and get someone else to tell you what happens.


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