I Hate Storms!


What was the deal with the weather last night? All my neighbors were on their balconies watching and taking pictures, while I was being a “cat” and hiding inside. I suppose living near a stairwell would have been useful for once….if anything actually happened. I could not even enjoy the storm breeze because it made the blinds go crazy, sounded like a rampage.
Haha, Anyways! So what do you all think of my new picture? I hear good things about it. I will hang it finally on my day off this week and we will see if my opinion slowly changes on it.

I have to mention this because it was too funny. I’ve made small mistakes when it comes to loading and dealing with funds and everything but a man went to buy a pack of cigarettes and charged them to his visa. Now don’t ask me how this charge wen t through, but the exact amount was $23,148,855,308,184,500… that is $23 quadrillion and was even charge a $15 overdrawn fee hahaha Now that is ridiculous.

I also read another interesting article, and when I saw it, I said to myself “Finally.” Supermodel looks just don’t cut it anymore….in the sense…that they are not what people are looking for. Other man most pig-headed guys, how many people are drawn to supermodels. Skinny, “overly perfect”, and just plain boring. And don’t tell me you don’t know what I am talking about. Some “hot” or “perfect” people, actually get boring to look at over time, if they don’t have the personality to keep you around and if you don’t love them, there isn’t much left.



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