Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros.


So I just got home from the theater and I had to blog about this and make a review because I am so so mad about this, it just could not wait until tomorrow. I had very high expectations for this movie. Why!!! So very many reasons. I had heard from people who saw this movie before me that it was so good and that there only problem was that it seemed like they tried to fit too much into the movie…….Were we watching the same movie!!!????? I recall having a discussion with someone/some people, many in fact, about how the movies always always cut out a ton of information from the book. And I remember thinking and saying… that since ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENS IN HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE… that they should have no problem fitting every single detail into the movie. You could tell just how much trouble they were having. 3/4 of the movie is nothing….it’s almost all comic relief. Charming and some comical things happen for 2 and a half hours until something real actually happens and even then its not much. Sure we all know what happens, I suppose that could be big but please…. they could have done so much better. SOOOOO much of this movie was pointless….I am very very very disappointed. The only positive about this movie is that they were able to fit every single detail in the movie…but it was almost as if you were actually there…in Hogwarts…..day after day…..hour after hour….following people around….waiting….and just waiting…. watching them do things…. talk to girls….do some quidditch….and waiting…..watching….. and waiting….. yawns….sorry I was just replaying the movie in my mind. Watching….and waiting….for something to happen. Annoying, isn’t it!

I CAN SAFELY SAY THAT THIS IS THE WORST HARRY POTTER MOVIE IN THE SERIES! BY FAR….Terrible…. I don’t even know what else to say, I expected this movie to be at least an 8/10 and I’m not sure I would even give it a 3/10

(I just remembered this and would like to point out that HP&TH-BP was suppose to come out in November of last year. The same day as Twilight, and was pushed forward like 9 months to build up the hype for it. They should have just used that time to re-do the movie and actually make it good. How long did it take to film… a week? maybe two?)

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