Space Case


Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the moon walk! 

Some people still believe it was faked! In my opinion…. I could care less. If it was real… I would still be the same person, still doing the same thing. If it was fake…well… I don’t know what I would do… I would be living a lie!!!! bahaha jk. I would be EXACTLY THE SAME. So who cares. Anyway! I just thought I would share some interesting facts. A study that was done in 2000 said that 28% of people living in Russia believe that the moon walk was a fake. Even more recently, about two weeks ago, the same study done in the U.K. showed that 25% still don’t believe it was real. There are many conspiracy theories, but nothing has ever been proved. Like the claim that the American flag was waving in the freeze of the vacuum that is space. Or that all the rocks used that were suppose to be the moon were from Antarctica, even though they are 600 million years oder than the rocks discovered on earth. Or how as many as 10 astronauts and 2 civilians connected to the landing have been murdered as a cover-up. Interestingly enough though, to prove that the landing happened, they plan on using a satellite to take pictures of the Apollo lander is still there. But no pictures until now have been taken? hahaha Oh well People will always argue about something.

To continue with the space talk, here are 5 things that you may not have known about NASA!
They actual take requests! They take requests for such things as making better prosthetic limbs, or better insulation foam, and even making a nice little speedo that makes you swim faster hahaha Other research programs are held by NASA to take in innovative ideas. There is even a grand prize for the best idea. One idea that was a total bust was an elevator that would help transport things from earth to space.
Tall people seem to rule the world…but short people own the universe! haha Apparently NASA does not care for freakishly tall people when it comes to being an astronaut. Their height requirements are 5’2” to 6’3”. Yessssssss, I’m in!
NASA likes to employ tons of people. For the Apollo mission, 400,000 people were employed in various areas. And last but not least, NASA actually holds 1 out of every 1,000 U.S. patents. Unfortunately, in comparison to some other people or companies, its not that many.

That’s all for todays rant.

I’m off with one small step for me, one giant leap for the clinically obese. (Did you know they qualify for handicap tags for parking? Wouldn’t we be doing them more of a favor if we made their parking at the back of the parking lot with a flight runway to the door?)


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