Capital Ex


I decided to par-take in the “Capital Ex” or better known as K-days. I’m not sure if I had very high expectations. I am not a true carnival goer. The rides and food don’t really draw me in, its the exhibitions and the dream home that do it for me! Sad and strange, I know. Anyways! The dream home was the first thing I set out to look for, little did I know that they do not have it anymore! Which is complete nonsense. Apparently all you can do is just buy tickets and hope you win. You can’t even walk through the house and dream of the possibilities and say oooo, ahhh, and yuck! The exhibitions were also not that great, sigh. I enjoy walking by all the artist booths. Some of them are pretty decent and then you get the ones that buy an oversized canvas, buy a couple tubes of paint and put a $6,000 price tag on it making me wonder….why am I still working? lol And then there is the food. The fact that it is extremely hot you have to buy the drinks and then you get hungry and before you know it, much of your money is gone. So sadly, I did not stay long, and it was not a memorable experience. I don’t care for going out in many of the public functions that Edmonton hosts, mainly because of the magnitude of punk ass little kids. I am so over their emo, angsty attitudes. The giant clouds of weed smoke that seem to linger in magnitude at every function don’t help either. Not to mention all the dreaded fashion attempts…I wont even get into that!.

All this Capital Ex talk, I am reminded of carnival food. Which sparked my memory of a rather funny article I read about a dentist. There is a lawsuit against a Florida dentist who actually managed to drop tools down a patients throat, TWICE!. It was not even one of those days where you happen to be clumsy and drop everything. These events happened on completely separate occasions. The patient even underwent medical procedures to remove the tools!!! I can’t even imagine what the hell went on haha Unfortunately, the patient never fully recovered and died a while after these events.



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