Retro Finds


This weekend was my gido’s birthday. The family decided to make a weekend function of it, which is pretty fun because that means 2 days of non-stop eating. On friday night I arrived at my moms and decided that I wanted to go through the garage that is full of useless junk. Specifically I went through one old corner of old books and toys from my childhood. Unfortunately, I did not find everything I had in mind that I would find, which makes me wonder where my horde of goodies is hiding. The toys that I found were memorable, but not enough to make me want to keep any of them. Old Buzz Lightyear toy, a Power ranger toy, my Dr.Dreadful kit (the easy bake over equivalent for boys, where you make monster skin and brains out of candy), there were some of those old race tracks, the ones with the remote control. You push the trigger and it makes them race along the track, and when you went to fast they would fly off the track. Sigh…Oh the good old days. There were a ton of books, and since I love books, I decided to keep a few of them. A lot of them I’m sure are very well known, but I could not remember them from my childhood so I left them there. I did manage to take home a good stack of things. One of which is a very retro old gym bag. That may sound dirty I know, but it is a real vintage Adidas gym bag STILL IN THE PLASTIC I might add. There were two of them. One I gave to my friend and the other I kept for myself. These bags are an example of things that my gedo picks up at auction sales. He is an avid auction-goer. Normally the things from the past have not really interested me but these were an exception. These bags could probably easily go for $200 at the mall (because everything just has to be ridiculously priced of course) and I saw that my mother had already stickered them for a future garage sale….guess how much…..$8…. Which I was shocked by so I snatched them up. The books that I took home include: 
Aesop’s Fables – Which sounds familiar to me. I don’t know if
I have ever read the stories but I had to
laugh and take the book when I saw the names
of the stories inside. Examples: “The Ass
and his masters”, “The Ass’s Shadow”, “The
Ass Eating Thistles”, and “ The Ass The Cock
And The Lion.” I am so childish.

New Kids On The Block A – Z – That’s right you heard me
correctly! And in perfect
condition haha I don’t really
care for them which is why I
will be taking offers! ; )

Some Disney books including, Three Golden Book Favorites like Mother Goose, Mickey Mouse The Kitten Sitters, Winnie The Pooh The Unbouncing of Tigger. The Disney learning volumes, I only took volume 1 because I didn’t care for the others and I thought it would be good for my kids. It is the A-Z book. The Beauty and the Beast book (which is my favorite Disney movie). It is the movie version that comes with the read along tape, but I did not find the tape, just the book. Oliver and Company, which is seems some child drew on the cover with pencil…probably me. Two copies of Darkwing Duck: The Darkest Night. Toy Story the movie book. Chip’n’Dale’s Rescue Rangers: The Missing Eggs Caper. Pinnochio Learns The Truth, a book about honesty ( A Classic Value Story Series).
I found two Wizard of Oz books, which aren’t in the original book series. This was interesting and exciting to me because I had wasted my time reading the wicked series and now I have two more books to add to my Ozing. The Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz, and The Wizard of Oz: Dorothy and the Wizard.

I also found an old Madeline book called Madeline’s Rescue. I always thought that show was cute so I scooped this book up as well. In the pile is Good Luck, Bad Luck, which seemed slightly familiar to me but I’m not sure. I grabbed two books for my friend because he wanted them: Just Camping Out by Mercer Mayer…They are those ugly little brown things (you would know them if you saw them). And Show and Tell by Robert Munsch. I was not really around or watching tv when Rainbow Bite was on tv but I have heard and seen many references to her and her cartoon so I took that book as well. It is a 24pg read along book but again there is no cassette. 
For myself I grabbed a Dick Tracy book. Episode 1 of a 2 part series: Big Boy Turns Up The Heat. Haha I rather enjoyed Dick Tracy when I was younger. I had a picture on my wall, as well as a comforter for my bed. I also had the game for SNES! haha
And last but not least I got Rock A Doodle! haha. I remember this movie on tv when we had satellite. Back in the day when the dish was held up by a cement pillar and the dish itself looked like you were the tv broadcasting network all by yourself. haha Oh the good old days.
I hope you enjoyed reminiscing with me. I will provide some pictures to show you my finds!!


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