Julie & Julia

Picture Courtesy of Columbia Pictures


I am so glad I was able to see this movie. I love Meryl Streep (however, they played a preview for a new movie starring her and Alec Baldwin, which did not impress me, but that is besides the point) This movie is sooo funny!!! I thought it would have a few good laughs, but it honestly made me laugh alot! I was very pleased by this movie. It is however just over 2 hours long and toward the end, I must admit, that it was beginning to drag. I loved every moment of Julia Child’s life in the movie. Julie Powell’s life however, was comical but rather… blasé. Sorry… but it is true. If you saw the previews and this seems like the type of movie you would want to see, I recommend you see it, it is highly entertaining. For those of you who have subpar movie tastes, I’m sure you won’t enjoy this quality of movie.

❤ heart ❤


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