Money Saving Tips


I had come across these money saving tips and thought I would share these with everybody. I would also like to add my own, I feel I am very good with money, seeing as I have been living off of no income for a few months (thank you nazi company) and E.I., which was pitiful and short lived.

Need and Want! I remember hearing these words as a child. I taught myself many things on my own when I was younger, and I thought that this was a pretty easy thing to follow. However, with watching others and how they manage their money, I am guessing it is easier said then done. Someone had also said this was a statement that most kids learn when they are in elementary school…but that is school. And we all know that most things taught in school do not stick with us for very long. Clearly I must be doing something right, because I have both things I want, things I need, and the left over funds as if I had spent none of it.

Bargain Hunting… This one is another easy one to understand, but MANY of us do not follow it. People these days are lazy… and the more lazy we get, the more money we spend! I’m not talking about those people who believe that you should waste $30 on gas to save 10 cents. Before you go buy something, look online… the internet has been around for awhile, I think its time you start using it. PATIENCE! This is key! If you have lived as long as you have without the product, I’m sure a couple more days will not kill you. This is why the internet is such a useful resource. Examples: Ebay, Kijiji, Craigslist, etc. I understand that the world is out to get you, and that Osama is just dying to get a hold of your credit card to buy the new iPhone, but it is okay! Relax, breathe, step out of your bubble, and RESEARCH. Do not just jump into things. Compare ads, prices, shipping, the feedback from people who have bought from them, comments, how long they have been doing it and if they seem shady, simply click, Next!
Example: The screen cover for my phone is a reflective mirror. Cool at first, but whenever there is light or daylight, it is extremely difficult to do much of anything. I could have bought 3 protective covers from Futureshop for $15, instead, I invested in Hong Kong. I bought 6 screen protectors, for $3.24 with free shipping.

CLOTHES SHOPPING! Yes we all love to go shopping for new clothes. Out of habit, we all see a new store, or a SALE sign, and automatically are drawn in. 
The trouble with new stores, or even stores you regularly visit, is they have everything that you don’t! And since it is new to you, you automatically feel like you need it and you will think of any possible excuse to justify buying it. “I just got paid… I got a bonus… I need a new sweater… Summer is coming…. Winter is coming…” There is nothing wrong with treating yourself, I think everybody should buy themselves gifts, but you have to be smart when you are buying clothes. 
Trends – You have to think: How long will this trend last? How much do you really like it?
DOES THIS TREND EVEN LOOK GOOD ON ME! There are so many people who buy clothes and go into trends without asking themselves this question!!!! I am very opinionated on this subject and I will try and keep it short.

IF YOU DO NOT LOOK GOOD IN A CERTAIN TREND OR CLIQUE OR GROUP…..CHANGE!…. That is right. Conform until you look good. Yes, yes, conforming…grr…bad… I’m angsty and don’t want to listen to you, I’m an individual. Yes… You are an individual, and I appreciate your uniqueness, but I just can’t take the bullshit coming out of your mouth serious, while you look like a pile of…MATCHING! Matching is our next big tip!
Straight and to the point! If you can’t wear that shirt or pants or whatever you are buying with more than 2 outfits, walk away. I like to have unique pieces of clothing, but if you buy something that does not match anything you own, then you are just going to have to go out and buy more clothes!

Food! – When shopping for food, think about if you are going to be able to eat all of it before it expires. This isn’t the old days when you had to take a wagon into town and it took you a days trip. You can walk to a grocery store, take a bus, or drive within 15min. Buy things you know you will eat, only buy for short periods of time, and buy things that you can be frozen to use whenever you want.
Lunches – it is always hard to decide what to eat for lunch. You want something that is quick, easy, and compact. You don’t want to be lugging around a dinner plate and silverware just to eat a meal. Usually, in this situation, people go out and buy lunch. THIS IS SOMETHING YOU SHOULD AVOID! haha Maybe once a month is okay, but if you add up how much you spend on lunch every day, sometimes one day is equal to what you could buy at a grocery store to last you all week!

Are you learning anything yet?? : )

Here are a list of websites that may come in handy for you! – This site is more useful for americans, however, there are things that can be useful for you too! Type in the store you are interested in, and you will see the deals that are available and when they expire. These apply to both online, and in store! – This is another interesting site. You can search or just skim through the list and check out the different offers. I especially like how they have online coupon codes. These are very useful. When making an online purchase through companies or stores, they will often have a coupon box. All you do is type in the code and it will either take off a percentage from your purchase, or inform you that the code you have used qualifies you to receive a certain offer. These offers are usually subject to certain products or you have to spend a certain amount, but if you are planning on making the purchase anyway, might as well get some deals! – This website is more so for shopping online, but it also gives you some pretty handy tips for in store as well! Type in the store you are interested in and there are actually comments from people. Money saving tips, and even the secret in’s and out’s of different stores!! Very Very Interesting. – Our next page is a little strange, but if your comfortable with online shopping, you can get some pretty good deals. It is basically a place to buy, and comment on certain products and share your opinions about them.

Twitter can actually be useful… who would have thought? I attempted to join Twitter once, but after 10 seconds I was bored and realized I was right in not wanting to join. Companies actually post deals on twitter, some as specific as certain times for that day and how much you could save. There is also a website called which is similar to the websites previous. and are very similar websites. Basically it is all broken down by categories and you can make it simply by choosing your city. That way you can work a deal with someone and meet in a public setting to exchange money for products. You get a first hand look at the product before you buy it, and you also don’t have to deal with shipping costs. If you are not comfortable meeting the person to do the deal, you can still insist on shipping and work out a deal between the two of you. Obviously, you would not send the money through the mail, you would use a secure website, like – this site is like a giant mass of “free” stuff ads. Not all of them are a total bust though. Shipping and Handling is expected for some things, but don’t get all huffy just yet. Nothing is free and you know that, so if you find something that you would actually use or need, you can find some decent deals. There are also a lot of try it free for a certain period of days, if your willing to try it and then deal with either buying it or sending it back etc, it could be worth the effort.

These are all websites to make shopping more convenient and effective and cheaper. However, do not get the wrong impression with these websites. Just because you are saving more DOES NOT MAKE IT OKAY TO SPEND MORE. If you NEED something, this way you can actually get a deal out of it. If you just want something and plan on spending your money foolishly, I suppose these websites help as well, but that was not why I posted them. And if you read all this and take advantage of it only to spend your money poorly, then you have no right to complain about funds.

Save well, shop wise, and remember, no… you don’t really need that.


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