The Mortal Instruments Series: The City of: Bones, Ashes, & Glass Series

The Mortal Instruments Series: City Of: Bones, Ashes & Glass by Cassandra Clare

I had high expectations for these books. They were recommended to me, and I heard many people were reading it. Also there were mounds of it at Costco which could only mean that it was or will be popular (that is how I found Twilight.) I have heard the book series being compared to Twilight, and I suppose that is what made me interested. I expected a heroic love story, and perhaps that is what I got, but I was not very pleased at the end of City of Bones. The plot was not hard to get into and the characters were pretty interesting. I can’t say because I don’t want to ruin it, if you don’t plan on reading it you can ask me and I will tell you what is bothering me about it hahaha. I suppose I could say this…. Incest… without ruining anything. Unfortunately, I take the covers of the books off so I don’t wreck them, and after I was finished the first book, I picked up the other book I had packed with me and started reading. I was very lost, only to find I was reading the third book in the series instead of the second. I only read about 18 pages, but in those 18 pages I managed to ruin a few interesting facts. Sigh. The series wasn’t completely ruined for me though, and I was still holding out for a romantic ending.
The third book was exciting and I was looking forward to see what happened, but it didn’t quite have the ending I would have hoped for. Over all it was a very enjoyable series. It kept you guessing and questioning. You would think you figured something out in your mind but it turns out you were wrong. Or you were right, but they threw in a few things to make you question yourself haha. It has really good characters and I enjoy all the different personalities and species if you will, they even threw in a little gay relationship with some characters haha.

What I enjoyed most about these books is the different approach they took on certain things. They used many well known fantasy creatures but put a nice twist on it. It also had religious undertones, but did not over-do it and turn it into a bible study.

These books were an enjoyable read, they did not live up to my Twilight standards, but I guess that was my fault for having such high expectations to begin with.

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