There You Escargot?


Alright, So I know I haven’t blogged in almost a month!, but I have been working on my webpage so don’t shun me just yet. I was trying to cast a wider net by adding a App review section to my webpage for those of you with iphones or who have ipods and take advantage of the apps. It is hard to make a review long enough for such things as an app. I suppose I get a break for now for there seems to be a sudden and apparent lack of entertaining apps to be had…. I have also been working, reading, painting and preparing for my inevitable surgery. I hope you all enjoyed my recent painting. This one took me longer than most for the simple fact that I did not know what I was doing. I don’t know what I am doing or what I have planned most of the time, but I have something in my head that appears whenever it wants to, not when I want it to. SO… I had an idea in my head and I begun painting but then I had to stop. The colors and what was happening on the canvas was not what I had in mind in my head. It was not for at least a week or two later that anything started happening in my head again. I took it and ran with it and just started doing something random with thought. Yes… It is possible. If it wasn’t before, it is now! I have a new idea in mind for another painting but this one is a surprise.

Here is a useless bit of information. Did you know that snails eat fish? Don’t bother wikipedia-ing that one…. I don’t even know if it’s true in the outside world. But in the wonderful world of chris and his suicidal (yes it has happened many times in between) fish. I wanted this cute little snail I saw when I first started looking at fish. It was in a tank for plants and I assume was not supposed to be there… or perhaps it was… either way, I found out that many little snails in pet stores are unwelcome. They come in the shipments of fish and are so small you don’t see them until they start growing, and then they start breeding (or so I have heard). Anyway, getting to the point I decided not to get a tiny one in case I were to go away for my surgery and return to 500 snails. I got a “mystery” snail. I can’t remember the full name, but it was some form of mystery snail. It sure was a mystery. A little albino one at that! I am drawn to fish that jump, or fish that are too small to survive it seems. One fish was dead before it got home, perhaps from being shaken in the net and squished a hundred times by the pet store employee. Shaken baby syndrome can happen in fish, apparently. I received a new one and was hopeful. That was until I awoke to find it gone. It was no where in sight, until I noticed something wrong with my snail. Don’t ask me how the slowest thing in the world managed to catch something, but the fish was stuck between a rock and a slimy place. The fish was underneath the snail, which had the fish pinned down in a bunch of rocks. He was not doing too well after and unfortunately was floating at the top a day later, I suspect the snail escar-got him. Haha okay that was lame.

I’m all for oldschool pop comebacks…within reason. Backstreet boys have had their ups and downs. Everybody thinks they should just pack it up and go home, but how are they any different from old rocker bands whose frontmen are in heir 60’s that people still love. Speaking of such, I recall hearing a rather painful performance by AC/DC recently, even being no where near the concert. You would think being around for so long doctors would have diagnosed the lead singer with throat cancer, for there is no other excuse for a voice that massacred. Yes… I just said that. AC/DC sucks.
The Backstreet Boys new song “Straight through my heart” is a pretty decent song. The video however, is pretty deadly, and I am not making a pun. It is a pop/dance song… a happy song… and yet they chose to go with the theme of vampires. Something about a confused and drugged vampire girl wondering what the hell is going on and who that balding biker dancing on stage is… oh sorry A.J. Then they leave the bar and suddenly they are vampires.

Sigh…. I love Twilight… and everybody loves the idea of vampires, but I am wondering if it is all getting a little out of hand. Tons of books have surfaced after Twilight became a hit, even books from many years before. Now there will be T.V. shows and I suspect more of other things to come. As the world usually does, they will probably over-do this whole vampire thing and make it “uncool” or “so 2008”, which is highly unfortunate.



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