WTF Celebrity Baby Names


I decided to treat you all with a blog-athon , a back-to-back blog session this evening for my absence. Plus, I am too random at best and adding this to my last one would just be rambling and tiresome.

Baby names!
Most people have pondered over the thought of what they would name their child/children. Many want something original and not over used, or something that they have liked and thought about since they were a child. Others go the family way and use names passed down through their family for generations. Others… go completely off the edge, splat on the concrete and get run over by a garbage truck.

Awhile ago I saw a baby name and when the topic of strange celebrity baby names comes up, everybody has their favorites. One in particular I know I saw, but could not recall whose child it was…UNTIL NOW!!!
Get ready kuz this is a list of some really WTF names.

Andre 3000 is a whole lotta WTF to begin with so it comes as no surprise to find that his child is on our list of “WTF Celebrity Baby Names”. (Side note: since when did Andre 3000 and Erykah Badu have a baby?) They decided to name their lovely child SEVEN SIRIUS! And yes I am fo serious on that one.

Hey schnooky wooky, check out this baby name. David Bowie and his ex wife named their kid Zowie Bowie…and its a boy! He is all growed up though and now goes by Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones. *shrugs*.

I love Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, but Zuma Nesta Rock?
Zuma is a name of a beach in Malibu, also the name of a Neil Young album, and Nesta is Bob Marley’s middle name. I guess it may have some sort of meaning behind it all, but I don’t think I will be following in their footsteps too soon.

Frank Zappa was one crazy mofo. I don’t even know where to start! Strangely enough I think Ahmet Emuukha is the most normal name out of his kids. It sounds egyptian and therefore I will accept that. Then we move on to his son Dweezil, and we go down hill to Moon Unit! and if you thought it could not get any worse… why don’t you try Diva Muffin on for size. No? You don’t wanna be a Star Bucks girl empowerment promotional product? That’s okay… I don’t blame you.

Robert Frederick Zenon “Bob” Geldof, the father of such charitable concerts as Live 8 and Band Aid, is also the father of a fairy tale kids book. His three daughters are unfortunately named, Fifi Trixibelle….secondly Peaches Honeyblossom and last but not least… Little… Pixie.
In addition to this fairy tale, Geldof adopted his wife’s child who was father by a rocker, after both the rocker and the mom died. The child would not have fit into this family with a normal name, which is probably why she is so suitable with the name of Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence. I have read a lot of fantasy books and I guess what they say is true… DON’T EAT THE FAIRY FOOD. YOU’LL GO F*@!IN NUTS…Or drugs…just…Don’t.

Here’s a little diddy, but it’s not about Jack, or Diane. In fact it is about two unfortunate litte boys named Hud, and Spec Wildhorse. Sorry John Cougar Mellencamp, but WTF?

Penn Jillette (….who?) is apparently from some sort of comedy duo but I am judging in his choice of baby name he is not funny and in serious need of help. Child services… can you come over here for a moment. THE NUMBER ONE WTF CELEBRITY BABY NAME GOES TO…….(drum roll) Moxie CrimeFighter. I kid you not, that is it’s real name. Oh god, I can’t even fathom what was going on there, and that, ladies and genteel’s, is why this child is the number one “WTF CELEBRITY BABY NAME”. Thanks for playing.



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