Ghostgirl and Ghostgirl: Homecoming

Ghostgirl & Ghostgirl: Homecoming By Tonya Hurley

I actually really enjoyed these books. I love all the quotes and “words of wisdom” if you will. Naturally, I am also drawn in by the whole creepiness of everything as well. Loves it. The story was really good as well with a lot of fun and funny things that are said and that happen. 3/4 in, I was slightly put off by one happening. It was very chaotic and changed in an instant to a Kodak moment.
I highly suggest reading the first book…first. Haha. I bought the second book first, because I had looked at it many times and liked the appearance of the book, as well as all the quotes inside. It was not until I was practically done the book , when they started referencing things that never happened that I started to question things. From the beginning I was slightly lost, because it just threw you in, but I guess that would make sense since it is the second book. I flipped the book over and noticed the word “sequel” on the back of it……
The first book is definitely my favorite, probably because everything made sense and I was reading it how it was suppose to be read haha. Still, I enjoyed the first one more.
Again, my favorite things in both books are the quotes and little passages before each chapter, as well as on the chapter page they have quotes from poems, songs, etc. The characters in the book are also very entertaining and memorable. They stay true to the characters throughout the whole story as well, never straying from being anything less, or more, than how you remember them.


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