VMA’s 2009

So I decided to take a few notes on the VMA’s because I really don’t care for this random man, Russell Brand. I decided to wikipedia him for us all and basically… I was right. He is a nobody. A random “comedian”/”Actor” and radio/TV presenter. Bleh! Anyway, so we begin with a very long intro and tribute to Michael Jackson. I was never a huge fan, but I thought it was pretty decent and I liked the passion that Janet had during the performance, and I suppose Madonna’s speech was alright as well. Then we move on to we will rock you???? and This random Brand man makes a joke about his entrance and Katy Perry’s “entrance”, or lady bits, which was highly overlooked, a long with a few other jokes. Naturally to save yourself in america, all he had to do was bring up Obama and how cool he is. Yay. He must have the pro-ward card still in his abnormally small pants pocket for later. I love Lady Gaga, but her outfit just made her look broken and strange, and the constant referencing her was interesting as well.

Taylor Lautner and Shakira presented best female video… How clever to place them together. Were-wolf and she-wolf. Taylor Swift started off the night winning this award, she looked genuinely shocked in her horribly sequinned 12y.o figure skating drag queen dress. KAYNE WEST… IS SUCH A F*CKING DOUCHE BAG TOOL ^$)(*@*&# #^*&#@^$#@$*&&^@#)$*&^#@)($^&# Are you serious? Did he actually just do that to her? For those of you who did not see, he came on stag and took the microphone from Taylor and said that Beyonce should have won and not Taylor and left Taylor speechless. Yes Kayne, we know you’re a jackass. This report has even been confirmed by Obama himself in a video which was not suppose to be released. That’s right you americans. You will do whatever the present says right? Get rid of him. Cause a war! I heard Kayne has oil and free health care. Such an existence is a waste. I don’t see it happening, but perhaps in many years he might win an award for doing something worth while, and at that time (which will never happen)…. I don’t even know how to finish this. Hello. Any possible natural, or man made disaster out there?? Could you just.. take that piece of Sh*t off our shoes?

Best rock video was presented by the best comedic actor…JACK BLACK!!!??????? WTF!! Despise that man. He is never funny. I do however, don’t mind Layton Meister. The best rock video went to Green Day. I don’t like rock music. Green Day kinda reminds me of a bad pop band whose cd’s are in a cheap Wal-mart bin and people buy it kuz it’s not common so it makes them an individual. Nobody understands my tormented soul like you Green Day… Oh and of course you diary. Bleh. Gimme a break.

Thank you to Justin Bieber for giving it up to Taylor. Such a cute little 6 y.o he is. I haven’t a clue who iCarly is so whatever. Did Apple make a robot?
I understand that Taylor Swift is a country singer, which I don’t mind and she has a ton of good songs, but if you feel the need to change them all so the violin is a guitar and call it pop, then you better damn well let her have an award. (Side note: How does one stay balanced in heels on top of a taxi? haha)

Pete Wentz looks so itty bitty with the guy from Cobra Starship. They introduced Lady Gaga. Heart. She started singing Poker Face with an opera twist, which was hot (aside from the mask, which made her look so old) Into Paparazzi and got rid of the mask. I wonder if she showed her camel kuz everybody thinks she has a penis kuz they hate to admit that they love her and everything she does. SHE POPPED A BOOB!!! It’s Bleeding hahahaha Looovvveeeddd the ending, how she looks dead and bloody hanging from the ceiling.

I missed a small portion of the show, I am still recovering from surgery so it took me too long to hobble back to the T.V., but I caught Britney winning an award. Sighs. Why couldn’t I have missed this waste of time performance by Green Day. Haha. I like how he went out into the crowd to try and get the whole arm wave in unison to happen, no one did it so he had to get on stage to try again. And then he gets people on stage to swarm him so he feels cool. The first person he lets on is a girl wearing a satin dress shirt with no pants? Smooth.

Yaaaayyyyyy Twilight cast. And look at you little Kristen Stewart with your short and combed hair. I dunno how I feel about that, she kinda looks like a new student in elementary who tried really hard to look like she fits in. MMMMMMMM PREVIEW FOR NEW MOON. UGGGHHHH it looks sooooooo good!!!! And Little Dakota Fanning looks so evil. It is gonna be such a gooder.

NeYo and Chase Crawford introduced Beyonce to perform and NeYo introduced too soon so he just carried it on haha Beyonceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haha. Humph. She started with a slow version of Sweet Dreams and then went into her all my single ladies. Or the hiccup song as I like to call it.

Poor T.I. wasn’t there to accept an award. They wouldn’t let him do the “I’m sorry I couldn’t be there” speech in prison? Don’t celebrities get special treatment?

Thank you to Twilight, on behalf of the Muse for their new comeback. I never disliked them. They had a few decent songs, but I never listened to them that much. I prefer pop I guess. The lead singer kinda left during the end of the performance with his guitar and he went outside, but they never really showed him after he left haha

I don’t understand Eminem, and his whole short vids throughout the whole VMA’s. What is he trying to prove? That he is still around and not doing anything worth while?

Well this is kinda interesting. Jennifer Lopez on stage and actually talking. I can’t say what she is wearing, but she still looks good. Which is more that can be said about her chia hua hua of a husband, Yo Quiero Taco Bell? She presented the award for best hip hop video, which went to Eminem…Eminem….hip hop…? I guess. I don’t know what hip hop is, and I don’t know what Eminem is either. he seems different, like he stopped pretending and stopped being fake… no…he just looks old.

A tribute to DJ AM… I have heard of him only because of his death. All I know is he is a DJ and he died from drugs like every other celeb.

A comedy legend being Tracey Morgan??? I dunno who that is, and Eminem introduced the award for best new artist. LADY GAGA!! Yaaayyyy who was wearing a new even stranger outfit!! She looked like the ice witch from the Chronicles of Narnia, but all red. I wonder how she could even find her way onto the stage. Yay. She uncovered her face and accepted the award for God… and the gays haha

Why is Serena Williams presenting at the VMA’s? Oh… I see. They played strength with music. Pink performed hanging from the ceiling. I don’t mind her hair, it just seems a little fried. Hm.. and she did a little acrobat act, that must have taken some practices. Her backup singers were kinda over powering at times and kinda brutal.

I probably should have commented earlier, but the random crappy band playing random songs during the breaks???? And then there are sometimes the real artist who wasn’t big enough to get on the big stage? Is that what is happening here?

I don’t like Andy Sandberg, and I don’t care for Jimmy Fallen either. They presented the award for video of the year which goes to….. Beyonce! And when they showed her in her seat, Lady Gaga was sitting behind her wearing yet another new and strange outfit, looks kinda like a yetti or an eskimo haha. Beyonce talks about accepting her first award with D.C. when she was 17 and how it was the most exciting moment of her life and then she called Taylor Swift out onto the stage to have her moment, which I thought was amazingly nice of her. Props to Beyonce for that one.

The last performance of the night is Alicia Keys and Jay-Z, I dunno what they were singing about. New York??? Didn’t really care for that performance.

Ending the VMA’s they played a clip for his final documentary. This Is It. Which opens Oct 28th and I believe will only be playing for 2 weeks. I dunno. I won’t be rushing to the theaters to see it, but I would consider watching it afterwards.

I wasn’t overly thrilled by the whole show, no matter how great they kept saying that it was. Oh well! Those are my thoughts for the night!


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