Life Hurts Sometimes

Some people may not like seeing that picture, but that is too bad. Do you think I enjoy having it on me? haha It’s not as bad as it looks. I am recovering slowly, dreaming of all the things I wish I could eat. On Wednesday, I get to go early in the morning and they plan on just yanking that tube out. Bleh!! Definitely not looking forward to that! Getting the staples out I can handle. I am just wondering around, recovering at my moms. Eating some pretty yummy food when I feel up to it. It’s horrible, I starved for a week from not eating in the hospital and then when I did get hospital food it could not be considered food so I ate very little. My mind is hungrier than my body. I want to eat more than my body wants sometimes so I have to take it easy haha. I also have not had the desire to do very much. I have just been watching movies, playing games and watching tv. As such, not too many exciting things have happened to tell about! My brother and his girlfriend were given a baby kitten so I have been playing with him for awhile. He likes to cuddle with me on the couch. Little guy is getting pretty adventurous. He flops off the couch and wobbles over to his pee pad and kitty litter. He walks a little bow legged it’s strange. And then sometimes he will wonder back and climb up the quilt and he snuggles up into corners or up to you for warmth and falls asleep haha
Well! I suppose I will be off for the day. I am looking forward to getting the tube and the staples out so I can relax more comfortably. At the same time, having a tube literally yanked out of my stomach is not very appealing. Humph!
Just another small thing on the road to recovery.
Be strong, have hope, and avert your eyes until its over!


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