Ashley Tisdale

Picture Courtesy Of Warner Bros. Records

I suppose this blog is long over due. This album came out July 28th, 2009. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a link that gave you a sneak peek of the album that actually let you listen to the whole album! It wasn’t just clips either, it was full length songs. I was actually very impressed with the album. I had already heard “It’s Alright, It’s Ok” which I really liked, and was pleased to find a lot more songs that I enjoyed. Normally I don’t buy peoples CD’s. I just buy a few of the songs that I like off of iTunes, because most bands usually have one or two hits, then the rest of the cd is a waste of time and money. There are tons of exceptions, but the exceptions are big names that you know won’t bomb. From being a Disney tween star and putting out an album like this is quite impressive. I highly recommend you check out the whole album. I bought it as soon as I could. The album consists of 17 songs (depending on which version you get.)

  • Acting Out
  • It’s Alright, It’s Ok
  • Masquerade
  • Overrated
  • Hot Mess
  • How Do You Love Someone
  • Tell Me Lies
  • What If
  • Erase and Rewind
  • Hair
  • Delete You
  • Me Without You
  • Crank It Up
  • Switch

With the Limited Edition version you also get:
I’m Back 
Whatcha Waiting For
Time’s Up (Pre-order only)

With the Japanese Edition you get:
Guilty Pleasure
It’s Alright, It’s OK (Music Video)

And with the iTunes Bonus Tracks Edition you get:
Time’s Up
Blame It On The Beat
It’s Alright, It’s OK (Jason Nevins Radio Remix)

Break Down Of The CD

My Favourite Songs

It’s Alright It’s OK

What If

Erase And Rewind

Me Without You



Good Songs

Acting Out



Tell Me Lies

It’s Alright, It’s Okay Remix

Time’s Up

Blame It On The Beat

Not My Fav

Hot Mess

How Do You Love Someone


Delete You

Crank it up is my favourite song on the album, and if you listen to it you will know why. It kind of sounds like it has Timbaland in it, but it doesn’t. I am pleased to say that this will be here second single off her album. The music video is set to be released OCTOBER 5th. I’m not sure which countries it will be released in first, or at all, but once it is on the net you will be able to view it. I am hoping that she breaks out in Canada or even the states, that way she actually gets somewhere and some recognition for this album.

UPDATE: So the Crank It Up video was released, and unfortunately, I was not overly thrilled. I preferred It’s Alright, It’s OK video a lot more. This video should have had more than just her against a wall or standing in one spot trying to look sexy. You can look sexy without a short skirt, teasing your hair in front of a wall. (That means you too Hilary Duff – Reach Out )

Congrats to you Ashley Tisdale on this album, keep up the good work.

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