Picture Courtesy Of Overture Films


This was an interesting film. Not my first choice to see, I went with a friend. It was a hit and a miss. I think I enjoyed the concept and many other things in the film, but I’m not sure it had a single plot. It seems like me, sometimes when I write I am all over the place and have many different ideas. The ideas may be good, but they don’t fit the situation or the story. In this film, I suppose the things fit the story, but it was kind of all over the place. Your following one person, then another, then a group, and then strange people who can’t choose a personality. They also wake up, supposedly having no memory of anything, but are able to recall tons of information, but they still can’t remember anything. And conveniently remember how to run a ship and the computer and start a reactor. The main character also meets a person who does not speak english, or barely at all, but they still manage to have some sort of a conversation?…. The fight scenes were also confusing, sometimes things were smashing and biting and throwing so much, you could not tell who or what was getting hurt, or not, or where they were. I guess it just couldn’t make up its mind if it wanted to be a sci-fi, a horror, or a thriller. I dunno. Like I said before, I enjoyed certain things about the movie. I wouldn’t go as far as recommending people to see it though.


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