District 9

Picture Courtesy Of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


Now this is a strange movie. I had no intentions of seeing this film. When the previews came out, I assumed it would be an aliens vs. predator thing that I did not care for. People went to it by chance, and I had heard good things from them. That it is not what I would expect and that it was a pretty good movie. So… I decided to watch it. I don’t know if I was as pleased as everyone else, because I had high expectations from the way people talked about it. It wasn’t the greatest movie, but it wasn’t the worst. I was entertained and found myself rooting for certain people throughout the film. There was also a very cute little alien. They left the ending slightly opened. My guess is to see how much money they make from this first film and see if its worst continuing and making a second film. If they do make a second film, I expect it to bomb, in the sense that it wont be that great. Decent movie, but I won’t be hyping it up and promoting it for you, like some people did for me. Sorry guys, but this is for cheap theatres, or borrow from a friend when it comes out on DVD. (Not Blu-ray, kuz that sh*ts expensive)



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