The Road

The Road By Cormac McCarthy

I bought this book awhile ago, but did not read it until now. It seemed to fit well with Oryx and Crake which I read previous to this book. The story is about a father and son trying to survive with the world has little left to offer. The conversations between the characters are line by line and have no description of who said it which was confusing at first, but as I went on I enjoyed it and thought it worked very well. With so few characters throughout the book, it does not get overly confusing either. I really enjoyed reading this book. When I look back on it, it almost seemed to drag on, day by day description of a journey. However, I never found myself bored during it all. I did not care for the ending of this book. If it was just the book itself I suppose I would be more disappointed, but since the movie will be coming out soon, I am highly looking forward to it. From the previews I can tell that they included much from the book, and I expect the movie interpretation ending to be much better. The book was graphic in certain respects, but it adds to the story, the environment and to put your mind in the situation. I recommend reading this book, and also to check out the film after.



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