Where The Wild Things Are

Picture Courtesy Of Warner Bros.


So… Jamie had read this book as a child, and as a surprise I decided to take him to this movie. I attempted to get him the book as well, but good luck at the moment. Now I could say I was slightly lost because I have not read the book, but seeing as the book is only like 10 short sentences, did I really miss that much? I will admit that when the movie ended I was confused as to what I should be thinking. It didn’t really move me in anyway. I did not connect with any characters and was not sure how I should be feeling towards any of them. Most of the time I just tried to find qualities in the characters that I could try to relate to his real family. His family only consisted of himself, his mother, his sister and a brief moment of his mothers boyfriend. On the island, there were seven characters. I read up on the book because I do not have a copy of it and can see a few things they tried to add to the film to make it connect with the book. All in all the movie is about a boy who is a little nuts, his feelings get hurt and then he escapes to his own world. In the end he realizes (through one character and talking to another) that life is hard enough when the one wild thing is throwing tantrums. The boy connects this with how is mother feels and goes back home, leaving all the wild things alone and no better than when he got there. This was a movie that I let the hype get to me. NEVER LET THE HYPE SWAY YOU. haha. I did not care for this movie and I can’t say I would recommend it to anybody. bleh


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