Our New Fish Tank

I am overly excited about this fish tank. I had come across it online a couple weeks ago. My pump for my martini glass stopped working, so of course the solution, was to buy a whole tank. I was wanting to do it anyway, but I was dead set on this tank when I saw it. It comes in different sizes. You can get it in a 9 gallon, 12 gallon, or 16 gallon. Some countries have a 14 gallon I think. So basically small medium and large. They also come in White, Black, and Red. The downside is that these are very hard to find in Canada. They are advertised on Petsmart.com but many of the Canadian locations no longer carry them. The majority come from the states or UK. Thank god for online shopping. More so, Thank god for ebay. I had looked on ebay and they were not selling any of these tanks, so my options were buying from Petsmart.com or from a UK site, which Im pretty sure did not ship to Canada. Anyway, one day I just so happen to look on ebay and there it was, the exact color and size of tank that I wanted. A few of them started to appear as well. I patiently waited and in the last minute won this tank. Everything was great until I got a message from the person saying they are sorry, but shipping is more than expected to Canada, and therefore they will not be shipping to Canada anymore, because it was a person, not a business. I was crushed, but the person let me still have the item for a slightly higher shipping (which I’m sure was more than necessary.) I had many plans for decorations and things to buy for this tank, but Jamie and I both decided on different things. The result is a dark purple with lighter purple and white and clear rocks. We also purchased some random rocks, one large clear/blue rock, and 3 different sized deep royal blue rocks. There is also a plastic flat stone with little blue plastic things, suppose to be coral. We also picked up some bamboo plants, because I thought they would look very cool and not much work. Plus they were high enough to make things look more full. I really wanted to buy something called a Marino ball. It is a round ball of moss, but it was ultimately more time, money, and effort than I think is necessary at the moment. We would still like to get some sort of ornament or something for the fish to swim around or even hide in.


Currently we have four fish, Daisy – the pink tetra ( Donald, a blue tetra was harmed by other fish RIP.) Our second fish is Mr.Nibbles – A reddish orange guppy.  Strangely enough there is a faint purple marking on his tale that looks like a “N”.  We did not see this until well after naming him. They were in the smaller tank together, but did not seem to really take much notice of each other. Now that there is a ton of space, they swim happily and even play together often. I personally think they are making the sex, but I don’t know which is male or female, or both. Our third fish is Ursula – the black guppy. I dunno if it is a boy or girl, but it is named after Ursula from the little mermaid because it is black. There is also the cutest little plecostomus, which literally went from side to side to hide from the camera and could not get a shot, sorry. Anyway, back to the tank. I am very pleased with the features of this tank. It is basically amazing. At the top is a lid with a bubble images. The smallest image is actually a button. When you press the button the light begins to flash. In the manuel, there is a different setting for however may times the light flashes. These settings set the time of each light setting. The light has a computer processor in it that helps to change throughout the day simulating sunrise, day light, sun set and moon light. The moon light is a blue light setting that is very cool. The bubbles as you can see come up a tube in the middle which is powerful, but still quiet. In the bottom is a round filter. The filter is suppose to be very good. I am also interested in the different variety. There is a regular filter, a algae one that helps to get rid of bad bacteria and algae, and a health one that helps certain fish illnesses and even helps stress. At the very bottom of the rocks you may notice brownish coloured rocks. These rocks are ceramic media that comes with the tank. You are able to purchase more in the future as well. The set came with two packages of chemicals to help prepare your tank. The chemicals and the rocks combined do a lot of really helpful things. Bacteria in the rocks are activated and help to get rid of bad bacteria and even help break down fish waste and food that is not eaten. The heater was added separately so we could have a better variety of fish.




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