Peter Pan and Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens

Peter Pan and Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens  by  J.M. Barrie

I will begin with the thumbs up.
Peter Pan, the original story, was fantastic. I loved it. Naturally we all know the story, but there are a lot of little things within the book that you would never know. The lost boys were probably my favourite for the way that they talk to each other. I greatly enjoyed reading the first part of this book and revisiting the original Peter Pan story.

Unfortunately, we come to the thumbs down. 
Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens. It was nice to read this story to know how Peter became, Peter Pan. The only problem with reading this story is trying to get into it. The majority of the story begins with a father talking about his outings to Kensington Gardens and trying to explain everything about it. It is not till later on that Peter comes into the story, and even then it isn’t overly thrilling. The story is shorter than Peter Pan, and I must admit it seems as if nothing really happens. There is a bunch of small adventures and things, but in the overall scheme of Peter Pan, there is very little that gives you an insight into Peter Pan. You learn more about the garden, which would be more suitable for a story about TinkerBell, then it is about Peter Pan.

I recommend reading the Peter Pan half of the book. It does not take long to read the second half, if you are interested. Just be advised the first half is rather long winded and dull.



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