Bad Romance and The GaGa

Picture Courtesy Of Streamline


I heart Lady Gaga and her craziness. This video is no exception. The concept of the video is that she is kidnapped by supermodels and sold to the russian mafia in the bath haus of GaGa. At the beginning of the video she is wearing a pair of sunglasses that are made out of razor blades. Throughout the video you see some crazy looking shoes. They remind me of the shoes she was wearing in this one outfit, with a bra on top of a dress shirt with netting over her head. I love the whole outfit until it gets to the shoes which look like a pair of high heel crocs. Haha. But the shoes in this video are an improvement. They are super high and fun. You can also see her wearing a pair of headphones which she helped design. They are called Heartbeats, which you can order from her webpage. When she is in the bathtub she has a lot of eye makeup on and it makes her eyes look huge!! Throughout the video you can see different eye make up and it actually changes her look completely. I must admit the scene where she looks like she is crying and has hardly any makeup on is my favourite. She looks totally different and really pretty. I think my favourite parts throughout the video are the scenes when it looks like she is in a shower with black rounded metal bars around her. She has a very alienesque looking spine and the way she moves her hands and her body in the video she is a monster. A funny part in the video is when she is giving the russian guy a lap dance you can see a hairless cat hiss. Shortly after if you pay attention you can see the cat is skinned and hanging around her neck! She also wears her signature atom spiral outfit that she performed a sneak peak of bad romance on Saturday Night Live. After she is wearing a gold/green outfit with rounded heels. I know I am a loser but when I saw this outfit my first thought turned to a pokemon.

Picture Courtesy of Pokemon

You may see no resemblance at all, but that is because you have no imagination. Moving on then. She also 
has a fur coat with a polar bear head trailing behind her. This reminds me of the real life version of 101 dalmatians haha. And the russian
guy with his face mask is totally phantom of the opera. When she drops the fur coat she is wearing probably the most simple outfit in the video, which is a pair of seethrough bra and panties. Which looks pretty hot from behind. She then teaches us the proper way to get rid of people…burn them. And as much as I love her and would hate to make this comparison, but when she is standing in front of the fire and the wind is blowing her hair there is a resemblance of Cher/Amy Winehouse. More so Amy Winehouse though. Or perhaps it is just because of the fire in the background making an orange tint to the blonde hair, which reminds me of when she bleached her head and looked like death. Or else it is just because there is a white mouse/rat in her hair that is more suitable for the wine-o.
At the end of the video she is laying on a burnt bed with a charred skeleton, whilst smoking. Her pyrotechnic bra starts to go off, which is another feature we saw during an earlier performance as well. That just goes to show you, don’t F*ck with the GaGa.

Overall I love the video, which comes as no surprise, because I love almost everything Lady Gaga does in respect to EVERYTHING.

You can view the video for yourself by goes to



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