Hot 107

Picture Courtesy Of Hot 107 FM
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As some of you may have noticed, there is a new radio station here in Edmonton and the area. YYAAAAYYYYYY. New top 40 music that isn’t ruined by the terrible bounce. The Bounce repeats there music like no tomorrow. They have a set of about 10 songs max. And they just play those 10 songs on repeat all day everyday. And then they incorporate things like Ryan Seacrest and then ET Canada’s top songs. Which are basically the same. They also tried to this thing where someone picks 5 songs and if they pick you, you get to introduce those songs on the radio. Which is a pretty cool idea when you think about it. Except for the fact that they only pick the people that chose 5 of the bounces top 10 songs they always play. Bleh. You also may have noticed that the bounce has started commercial free mondays. This is an attempt to compete with the new Hot 107. Probably the greatest features about Hot 107 are the lack of commercials, as well as the lack of DJ’s. The short clips of people bashing the bounce is kind of nice too. Except one of them says “The Bounce is my moms music, Hot 107 is my music. Did anybody else notice that they play the same type of music?” Anyway… When I heard about this station I was floored. It was the best thing that could happen to the radio. However, this all changed slowly as I started to notice that they play a larger variety of songs, but they too also started to repeat those songs as well. I guess you cannot get away from it. Especially if you have to listen to the radio at work, or while driving because you forgot your ipod at home. Those can be the longest driest hours of them all. I don’t know about you but I often sit there and go through all the preset channels at lightning speed just waiting for a tune to catch my ear. 1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6… As you recall one of the features of this station was the lack of DJ’s. Enjoy it while it lasts, they are currently searching for new DJ’s to ruin the station even more. My guess is the only reason they are able to openly “bash” the bounce is because they are somehow related, and eventually the bounce will fade out like all the classic and good long forgotten radio stations and before you know it, the bounce DJ’s will all be on Hot 107.

What are your thoughts on the new radio station? I’m thinking Yay… and Also and very loud resounding NAY.

Solution to the apocalypse of radio?



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