Tinker Bell / Tinker Bell & The Lost Treasure

Pictures Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures


Tinker Bell

This is the first of two movies about Tinker Bell, the beloved fairy from Peter Pan. Just like the books, Tinker Bell is born from the first laugh of a newborn baby. The winds carry her to pixie hallow, which is the home of the fairies that live on Never Land. When she is born she is surrounded by objects that represent different talents. She is not pleased to learn that she is to be a tinker fairy, which is why she is Tinker Bell. Throughout the movie she tries to learn from the other nature fairies their craft. She is unsuccessful in these attempts and is hurt to find out, only the nature fairies can go to the mainland. When trying to prove herself she ends up causing a herd of sprinting thistles to destroy all the hard work the fairies have done for the preparation of spring. Tinker Bell then finds herself and her skills by tinkering and repairing a broken ballerina music box. She then builds new machines to help the fairies and save spring. She is rewarded by being allowed to go to the mainland and return the music box. At the end of the movie she finds the little girl who is missing her music box and it turns out to be Wendy Darling, which is a nice tie in for the ending.

I didn’t know quite what to expect from this film, but I absolutely loved it. It is very cute and I love how everything turned out. I definitely recommend that you see this film!

Tinker Bell & The Lost Treasure

This film is about the coming of Autumn. This autumn is special because of the Blue Moon, which only comes every 8 years. The light from the blue moon passes through a moon stone which creates blue pixie dust. There is a festival called the revelry. Every blue moon, a certain fairy talent group has the task of creating a scepter to hold the moon stone. This year it is the tinkers job to create one, and Tinker Bell has been chosen. When making the scepter her friend Terrance, shows to be a little too helpful. Tinker Bell gets annoyed and they have a fight, when an accident happens and the moon stone is broken. She learns about a tale of a lost mirror that grants 3 wishes. Two of the wishes have already been made, but still holds a last remaining wish. During her journey she makes a new friend with a lightning bug, and in the end, with the help of Terrance, she recreates a scepter with the moon stone in an unexpected way. When she returns with the scepter and stone just in time, everyone is shocked and alarmed, but are reassured when the most blue pixie dust ever seen is made. Tinker Bell leads the fairies and the moonstone to the pixie dust tree to resort the pixie dust tree.

There are many new characters in this film, and I was worried that they would go too far, but it turned out to be an enjoyable movie. I happen to like the first one more, there were a few changes to Tinker Bell that I did not like, but over all it was a good movie.



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